Full Ear Reshaping by Samppa

Samppa Von Cyborg (voncyb.org) just posted this remarkable ear reshaping. When Steve Haworth first pointed Katzen’s ear in the mid 1990s, the procedure was just a small snip and fold at the top of the ear, and by and large, the procedure hasn’t really changed a whole lot until recently, and Samppa is arguably at the forefront of showing that you don’t have to just point the top corner to one degree or another — you can actually reshape the entire contour and form of the ear from top to bottom. If I didn’t know and trust Samppa implicitly, I don’t think I’d even believe it was the same ear!

While I’m mentioning Samppa, let me also post an update of the skull chest implant that I posted fresh a while back. The incision is still settling, but the implant itself is full healed and looks great. As far as I know more skulls are being added at the other points of the cross.

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