Second Generation Ear Pointing

At the start of October I posted about an ear pointing that Samppa Von Cyborg ( had done and included some fresh photos. I’m thrilled today to be able the healed result today, and it’s truly incredible. It’s not just an ear that’s been folded into a point at the top. It’s an ear that’s been completely rebuilt to give the illusion of having grown naturally into this form.

You may recall the ear pointing trainwreck posted about a month ago. It’s important to understand that the more complicated the procedure gets, the higher the risk of failure, both in terms of full-on failure, and aesthetic mistakes. This is very much the case with advanced ear pointing like this. I’ve been sitting on these pictures for a while, because I don’t have explicit permission to post them, so I’m cropping them more than I want to in order to hide the person’s identity (and really pointing fingers is not my goal), but they show an attempt to do this procedure leaving a customer with an ear that to me looks like the sort of thing a caveman might have after battling a sabretooth tiger. It’s definitely not as gnarly as some procedures-gone-wrong, but it falls far short of what a person should expect — for starters, in addition to the technical aspects of the procedure looking amateur, the aesthetics and angles are nonsensical, and the two ears don’t come close to matching.

I really want to urge clients to only go to people for work that they can show you multiple healed examples of in their portfolio. And practitioners, there is absolutely no excuse in today’s world for blindly copying procedures you’ve seen more experienced artists post online. Training is available. Take advantage of it. Take it slow. It’s better to be responsible practitioner than to be something akin to a jackass in a comment forum yelling “first”. You don’t want the weight of needlessly messing people up on your conscience. Just remember you’re playing with people’s lives. Do it for them, not for your ego.

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4 thoughts on “Second Generation Ear Pointing

  1. so who did the screwed up ones? really, its time BME grew a back bone and named and shamed shoody artists before someone is killed, do it for peoples health.

    p.s. i have a funny feeling who did the trainwreaked ears, the guys work was posted here the otherweek.
    maybe its time BME only posted work from those who can do good work all the time, not pick and choose

  2. Beautiful!

    The final outcome seems to depend a great deal on the individual structure of the ear and the strength/flexibility (or inflexibility) of the ear cartilage. Some maintain their shape much better than others when compared to the initial shape immediately following the procedure. My freshly-repointed ear was compared alongside the one that Samppa did above, and the left side is already starting to round out a bit as it did the first time. I am hopeful that the thicker skin in-between will reduce this, but I suppose there is only so much that can be done – everybody is different. But I am still very happy with the outcome :-)
    I will be posting new/updated pictures to my tumblr blog and to the BME site in short order

  3. i had my ears pointed 2x by dr evil in wolverhampton, they are a mess and look like they have been through a cheese grater i am now awaiting an appointment for a consultation with samppa so he can see just how bad they are in the flesh as he has only seen pictures and say they are a real mess and it would take alot of skill to sort them out and he needs to look at them in the flesh to see if it can be done or not, so i would say do not go to dr evil in wolerhampton uk my son had his done by him as well and they look like nothing was done to them and dr evil will not sort the mistakes out i hope you all pay heed to my warning

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