Emerald Eyes

If my blue eye tattoos are from Arrakis, without doubt this gorgeous green one is from Oz’s Emerald City. It’s on Rob of Phoenix’s Urban Art, and was done by Howie. I should mention that Howie is on tour again, and will be in the NYC area for the next week or so and is making other North American plans — get in touch with him via email at [email protected], his lunacobra.net website, or on facebook at facebook.com/luna.cobra.

I should also add that Howie is looking for someone to redesign his website — anyone who wants to barter tattooed eyes or implants or pointed ears, or any number of other things Howie does, in trade for some web design work, now is a great time to get in touch with him.


6 thoughts on “Emerald Eyes

  1. Whoa so Awesome! I’ve always wanted to be featured on here, Thanks Shannon! Actually I reside in Phoenix, I work at urban art!

  2. Thanks Shannon! @lily Thanks means a lot. @Outsider it’s an Odyssey septum clicker by industrial strength, you can have your pirercer order one for you

  3. Beautiful photo and person. The photo also reminds me of the Sepultura – Roots album cover.

    Really love this photo.

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