We’re back, but…

As you can see we’re not quite 100%. We were able to recover file backups (images, scripts, etc) of the sites on the machine we lost. However we’ve not been able to recover database backups (posts, comments, etc). On top of that the backup server in our rack has crashed and isn’t responding. We may need to get someone to physically reboot the machine which will take more time. And even if we get that server back online we don’t know if we’ll be able to find what we need*. I’m really sorry, and I assure you nobody is more upset about it than I am. Jen and I will continue to do our best to keep things running until we have a clear plan of what the future will be.

In the mean time we’ve setup a new blog and we’ll do our best to provide some meaningful updates and regular content for you. The theme isn’t quite what it was but I hope it brings some kind of familiarity while we work on recovery.

If you’re reading this and you care about BME, we’d love for you to leave a comment as a show of support so we know you’re all out there. This feels like a very lonely place right now and that is very much the anti-thesis of what BME stands for.

Sorry I don’t have any good news.

* We’re working on scraping the internet archive for old posts and comments.


22 thoughts on “We’re back, but…

  1. I’m really sorry about this whole situation. Machines, right? You guys will show them who’s the boss.

    I’m sending my love from Brazil.

  2. Defiantly still out here. Actually was trying to submit some pics and failing that paying for a subscription.

  3. I’ve had modblog as my startup page for probably fifteen years. It makes me so happy to see that it’s being taken care of, even through technical hiccups like this one. You guys are the best!

  4. I was never very active, but loved browsing the photos and stories back in the day. Glad I stumbled across this post, I’ll be keeping my eye on the site! Thanks for keeping the community going!

  5. still here (though not nearly as much as I’d like to be) glad to see you are too. hopefully things start to look up

  6. Hey!
    I proposed volunteer help to Jen with some news.bme.com issues a few months ago.
    I’m also the guy who set up Shannon’s personal blog online again on https://zentastic.me after the domain expired and was cybersquatted.
    I’d be happy to help for free to the extent of what I can do in my free time. I’ve also sent a mail about to Jen through [email protected].
    I hope you’ll be able to recover as much data as you can…


  7. @Ohsuzanne, they’re offline and we’re working on recovery but we hope we can restore them in the future. -jonathon

  8. Still here. Still willing to help in any possible way that you could need.

    Full support always.

    BME4LIFE means for life. 💕

  9. I still check back from time to time and if things became anything close to what they were I would be on here daily and sharing content to bring like minded people to the space. I was featured on the cover a few times from like 2007 on. I still catch the occasional comment referencing BME out in the wild too. This site was so important to me because I had found a community and it also kept me from doing some risky stuff reading about others choices in how they went about certain things.
    I will check back more often now that it looks things are doing a bit better since I last visited.

  10. omg my childhood community is coming back 😭 you don’t know how much this means to me!

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