Point At My Spots

The last time we featured Lewis Dodd here on ModBlog, we were all admiring his fantastic back-piece, but did you know Mr. Dodd is a body modification practitioner (at Glorybound Tattoo in Exmouth, UK), too? (Well, yeah, you almost surely did.) With that said, here’s a silicone finger implant done by him, one month old in this photo. We’ve seen trans/microdermals in this area before that have healed well, but—and this is just our own typical discomfort talking, here—we can’t help but think something like this would drive us crazy. But hey, in terms of the inherent problems and difficulties working in such a small area and given that it looks relatively happy a month into the healing process? We give this one an “A” for effort at the very least.

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I Can’t Believe in the View

Well boy howdy, I can’t think of a better way to wrap things up today than with this outstanding backpiece-project worn by Barcelona’s own Lewis Dodd. It’s been two years in the making (by Kabra at Elektrikstrom Tattoo in Valencia, Spain), but now? Now it’s finished, and it is glorious. I’ve said it before, but because it’s so commonplace, I think it’s pretty easy to take for granted how great pieces like this can be—you see some traditional Japanese imagery and figure it’s just some flash off the wall or what have you—but this is just a pleasure to take in. More shots of the full suit, after the jump.

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Knife Fight

Eye-slash scarification by Lewis Dodd at Trimur in Barcelona, Spain… I don’t know what this person’s story is, but don’t assume that he’s a poseur — the last couple scars like this I posted were all on people who lived high physical risk lives, but found themselves completely unharmed and unscarred by it, so they wanted to self-induce marks of their lifestyle (really not that different from getting a tattoo of something you love, I suppose).