Handpoked Breast and Nipple Tattoos

Grace Neutral, a tattoo artist who specializes in handpoked work and is based in South London (although she travels regularly so don’t let that limit you — find her on Facebook or Tumblr) just did this incredible set of breast/nipple tattoos on Rebecka. Painwise, she tells me that the nipples hurt like crazy, but that it’s likely that doing them handpoked rather than grinding the ink in with a machine probably reduced the pain significantly. Click either picture for a bigger version.



That Little Spark of Celestial Fire

This cutting comes to us from Steve Truitt, who usually spends his time bumming around New Mexico, but can be found this weekend at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention! Hopefully none of you will read this until tonight, because you’re all having fun, in Philadelphia, at the convention.

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