That Little Spark of Celestial Fire

This cutting comes to us from Steve Truitt, who usually spends his time bumming around New Mexico, but can be found this weekend at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention! Hopefully none of you will read this until tonight, because you’re all having fun, in Philadelphia, at the convention.

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22 thoughts on “That Little Spark of Celestial Fire

  1. I wish I wasn’t reading this until later tonight because I was in Philadelphia, at the convention :(
    Gorgeous scarification all the same though :p

  2. I’d be curious to see the original design of this… the linework looks pretty sloppy, and it is hard to tell what is going on with the part on the right, it looks messy as hell.

  3. i feel like there’s been a major influx of scarification.. not a bad thing, but it seems to be boomin’.

  4. @Becca: at first I was thinking “woman with small breasts” then noticed there isn’t much of an areola. But they’re awfully nice and round for manboobs!

  5. It’s totally a chick.. you guys are strange… just because her areola is light, doesn’t make it a man. I’m interested to see the other side, which appears to be different. Also, is that a cross and water jug implant above the scar?

  6. this is really beautiful, it must be really intense to sit through but the end result is really nice. i would loce to see it healed! <3

  7. agrred 14, not a doubt in the world that that is indeed a spectacularly beautiful woman! if you wern’t all blind you could actually see the areola, even if it is a very light colour (and very normal in their size) with hardly any contrast to the surrounding skin.

    most beautiful sacrafician!

  8. You know, this is my favourite scarification yet.

    My only thought is I hope gravity doesn’t get the better of her breasts and displace it, because it’s placement is a huge part of is awesomeness.

  9. This is so incredible. I wish I had the balls to do something like this.
    And the convention was so much fun.

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