A Children’s Treasury of Offensive Tattoos

Mike has been featured on ModBlog before on account of being in possession of some of the most patently offensive (and awesome?) tattoos in the land. Well, he’s added some more to the collection, so I thought, Hey, it’s been at least a few seconds since someone posted to the last wondrous flamewar, what the hell. The one up top is by Painless J at Marlowe Ink in Fairfax, Virginia. Says Mike of the piece: “Don’t take this the wrong way, I really do love and respect them.” No doubt!

Painless J did the honors on this one as well, to which Mike adds: “I’ve gotten my redwings so many times I should be able to fly by now.” Hey, that was my twelfth-grade yearbook quote! Biter.

And now, perhaps the most indefensibly tasteless tattoo I have ever seen, after the jump.

This was committed by Mikey Cheese, who was presumably admitted into witness protection immediately afterward, at Hot Rod Tattoo in Galloway, New Jersey. I’m going to go take a long, hot shower.