Start your own Jurassic Park with this labret

BMEshop is in the process of moving, so I can’t use this as an opportunity to properly promote the folks paying to host this blog, but I did want to express my amazement at this 18 x 11.75mm labret made out of fossilized amber with insect inclusions — a fully intact mosquito, perhaps with dinosaur blood inside it to fulfill all your Jurassic Park dreams — by the folks at Relic Stoneworks. I grew up in this industry at a time when the average person getting giant labrets like this was most likely a loveable dirtbag punk just scraping by, but it seems these days there is a market for $1240 megalabrets… And that both amazes me and makes me very happy. Ten years ago the only jewelry that cost that much was exotic Prince’s Wands and chastity jewelry for perverted wealthy businessmen, but these days there is a solid market for creative high-end body jewelry for large piercings.


Law and Order: BME

As some of you may recall, the Law and Order: SVU production office reached out to BME to find some people for an upcoming episode.  Well, it turns out that quite a number of IAM members made the cut and will be featured on this week’s episode.  You can check out the show tomorrow night (Wednesday, May 16th, on NBC at 10pm EST).  One IAM member that you’ll definitely be seeing is none other than Rachie Tartz, who was nice enough to send in some photos to the BME Girls gallery.

Keep on reading if you want to see the photos that won’t be airing on network television.

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