I don’t know about you, but I’m not a victim!

I hate seeing garbage like this flying around on Facebook and Tumblr and so on. There are various variations on it, posting some plainskin trainwreck, and a gorgeous tattooed person, and making a similar comment implying that the tattooed supermodel is an outcast while the orange duckfaced troll is Ms. Popular. I don’t know what crazy country the original poster lives in, but I think if you asked people, 95% would tell you that the person on the left looks horrible and make fun of them. Whereas the tattooed woman is obviously traditionally beautiful, and 95% of people would not “consider them dirt”. Tattoos are ubiquitous, and widely considered attractive when done well, especially on an already conventionally attractive person.

Pictures like this make us look like whiners. Do we really want people to think we have a victim complex? I don’t know about you, but I’m not a victim! If you see things like this, please, do not “like” it. Do not “share” it. Do not perpetuate the myth that tattoos are great way to wreck your life.


And of course that completely ignores the other issue, that of making fun of someone else’s aesthetic decisions now they we are in a position of social power and they are the ones that everyone is pointing at and laughing at…