Security Breach

I don’t mean to alarm anybody, but the safety of a fortified military base in Arizona has been compromised by a break-in perpetrated by what appears to be a highly attractive woman. Security footage above shows her scaling the electric fence, yet suffering what appears to be no ill effects whatsoever. More chilling footage, after the jump.

Good God, she is single-handedly dismantling silos! And issuing some sort of threat via signage. Terrifying.

Oh no, and now she is … sitting down, apparently, and plotting, inside one of the devices she destroyed. And is maybe picking rocks out of her shoes.

Worst of all, she seems to have taken a hostage. What is she planning? No one knows. More on this horrifying event as it develops.

(Photos of awalkingmodification by Dan Sisk. No military bases or equipment were harmed in the making of these shots. I am just a jackass.)