Facial Tattoos by Tattoo Joe

I’m really a big fan of the work (facial and otherwise) that “Tattoo Joe” out of Physcial Graffiti Ink in Bridgeport, Connecticut is doing (he’s the bottom right photo in this entry by the way — one of the few, if not only, Western tattoo artists I can think of with this type of facial work)… who’d have thought that Bridgeport, Connecticut was some sort of facial tattooing hub? Anyway, the world would be a more interesting — and I dare say better — place if more people went and got their faces tattooed.

All tattoos by “Tattoo Joe”, Physical Graffiti, Bridgeport CT

The application of neo-traditional Maori and Polynesian designs on Westerners of course raises cultural appropriation issues that there’s a great deal of debate on (ie. do we have the right to borry these motifs in the first place?), but my feeling is that body art is universal and belongs to everyone, and in this modern global culture, we are a lot better off embracing each others cultures and celebrating them than saying “this is off limits and only <insert race here> can do this” — or worse yet, relagating these things to the realm of some “noble savage”. Body art must live through all people of the world and of time, and is core to the human experience.

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5 thoughts on “Facial Tattoos by Tattoo Joe

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  2. Hey Joe,

    I miss you bro. My tat is looking real good!
    We should finish my back soon…

    love, ASH

  3. hey bro its billy, sandras son, i’m back up here for work again for about a month or so. . i wanna chill and have you give me a cover up for that tat on my arm while i’m up here. hit me up when you get a minute 281.691.5902 cell. later

  4. Now THAT’S what I deem an interesting take on this subject. What I would suggest perhaps is talking to other people actively involved in the scene and bring to light any different points of view and then update your site or create a new post for us to . I hope you’ll take my ideas, I’m looking forward to it! Try to cover off on some graffiti characters as well if you can, they’re everywhere at the moment.

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