Formal Pulling

I wish more people would take the time to do their hair and make-up and dress up formally when pulling and suspending… I remember once suspending someone in my back yard (with their parents incidentally) that wore a wonderful formal dress during it — their theory was that this was at least as important to them as the prom, so why shouldn’t they wear something they thought looked great? Anyway, this particular picture is from Toddy and Pandemonia with Circus Carnis.

Note: To be clear, I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with suspending in street, clothes, nude, in PJs or sweats, or anything… People should wear what makes them comfortable in order to get the best experience…

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One thought on “Formal Pulling

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    Posted on 02-17-2006 03:16:26 by toddy
    Thanks for posting another Circus Carnis/P.P.C. photo. That particular pull was one that both myself and Emili (IAM Pandemonia) were proud to be involved in.

    Both Miss M. (pictured) and Holly looked great that night.

    And we really have to update the Circus Carnis Website hahaha

    Posted on 02-17-2006 04:41:42 by Antagonist
    Back in the mid 90′s the standard dress for all TSD performances included slacks and dress shirt and more often than not, a tie. It was several years before we started wearing t-shirts and jeans.

    Posted on 02-17-2006 05:53:23 by toddy
    I think you would look really nice in a tie dude…

    I should mention that the pretty lady pictured is IAM: Vampirina

    Posted on 02-17-2006 06:49:05 by LG
    Stares in awe for several minutes….

    Posted on 02-17-2006 12:04:13 by LostSally000
    That is absolutely beautiful!!! I agree,I think that suspending is an awesome feeling and you should feel great and pretty when doing it…Well if you want…everybody has different belifes.By the way the girl in the picture is absolutely beautiful….

    Posted on 02-17-2006 21:44:41 by CS Williams
    I’m seriously debating going all dressed up for my first suspension, should I worry about bleeding all over my good clothes?

    Posted on 02-17-2006 22:23:15 by glider
    Oh — sorry for not linking you guys personally, toddy, I hadn’t clued in that those were IAM page names! Oops!!! Sorry!

    Posted on 02-18-2006 22:02:01 by toddy
    We don’t care Shannon, thats fine we are just stoked you like our pictures


    Posted on 02-19-2006 08:03:20 by vampirina
    Thanx for the comments Toddy and everyone else (i feel so special) If u wear black the blood thing shouldnt be a problem! I think it’s beautiful to dress up when doing performences or things such as pulls or suspensions because it’s such a special moment! I do however think you should dress however makes you feel comfortable, the last thing you want is to be hangin in the air worrying about how you look when you should be in absolute bliss. I think the body is an absolutely beautiful thing and people should show off what they have because no matter what shape or size you are if your comfy with yourself then ur beautiful. Also i do my make up, hair and dress like that on a daily basis so am very comfy like that, wher as in a tshirt and shorts etc.. i wouldn’t feel so comfy. So yeah everyones different and do what you feel comfy doing!
    *so heart felt*

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