3 thoughts on “Body Modification-inspired Art

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    Posted on 03-21-2006 17:26:11 by f
    Pretty cool, kinda reminds me of Mike Diana…

    Posted on 03-21-2006 23:15:50 by outmywindow
    I like the arrow pointing to the guy sucking himself. *In case that image doesn’t jump out at the viewer, I’ll just add a bit of a neon sign!*

    Posted on 03-21-2006 23:34:35 by j.
    cool stuff!

    Posted on 03-22-2006 20:25:53 by MishMosh
    I honestly did not notice the guy sucking himself until I read your post, outmywindow..ha!

  2. Hm. Seems to paint a highly uncomplimentary picture of body modification and those who do it, if you’ll pardon the pun. Sorry but neither I nor any of the other numerous body mod enthusiasts I’ve known purposefully do it to be ugly.

    Or maybe this guy just sucks as an artist. That’s a possibility, too.

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