Cheap Jewelry Sucks

Folks, this is why you shouldn’t buy cheap crap jewelry. I’m thinking about posting who made this but I haven’t decided yet whether I want the legal fight. But I will tell you that this jewelry was not removed from a human — it was in storage for a few months in a drawer for a few months in its original packaging… Think what would have happened if it had been in, say, a tongue for a few months!

Good jewelry is expensive because the materials being used are high quality. Do you really want to skimp on this? Maybe this helps illustrate why a good barbell doesn’t cost $2.99.

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8 thoughts on “Cheap Jewelry Sucks

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    Posted on 04-15-2006 05:30:11 by Miw
    This frightens the hell out of me…

    Posted on 04-15-2006 06:44:58 by RatFiend
    Yes please tell who the maker is!

    Posted on 04-15-2006 10:26:03 by penski
    I say tell who the maker is or…As you did with the piercing guns, get a few jewelery samples, leave sealed for 12 months then look at them.


    Posted on 04-15-2006 12:27:59 by ell

    Posted on 04-15-2006 12:35:36 by BadPauly
    I say out the makers. That is a horrid piece of metal to sell for internal use.

    Posted on 04-15-2006 13:12:30 by Sade
    Now that’s just ridiculous.I wouldn’t put that in my ear let alone my mouth.

    Posted on 04-15-2006 13:44:03 by iii!!
    the safety pins that I put on my clothes to decorate them are in better condition than that thing… is this company trying to sell scrap metal as jewelry?

    Posted on 04-15-2006 13:50:41 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    is that RUST?!

    Posted on 04-15-2006 14:22:53 by tara
    that looks like something easily found in your dad’s old toolbox in the garage. nasty.

    Posted on 04-15-2006 17:26:48 by d\’Latta
    It looks like rust to me. OMFG. That’s nasty, plain and simple.

    Posted on 04-15-2006 19:25:16 by christen
    ummm…. could that be from, hm… claires or hot topic?

    Posted on 04-15-2006 20:10:39 by ! =^_^=’);

    mmmm…. fe02…. tasty! =^_^=’);

    Posted on fucking sad 2 know that there are fucking people out there making and selling this crap, I get ppl into my shop daily with horrible shit like that in them. Worst off, it\’s only a couple bucks cheaper than the allright stuff!

    by jOELTRON

    d 2 know that there are fucking people out there making and selling this crap, I get ppl into my shop daily with horrible shit like that in them. Worst off, it’s only a couple bucks cheaper than the allright stuff!

    Posted on 04-15-2006 21:54:08 by misplaced_ice
    ew ew ew

    Posted on 04-16-2006 14:25:19 by Blah
    i knows claires is better then that…i have bought them there a few years ago and my cousin still got the bars in her mouth now

    Posted on 04-17-2006 00:15:21 by dont know your mom liked it
    that screams hot topic type jewelry lol

    Posted on 04-17-2006 02:18:48 by dream3r
    i have hot topic jewelry and never have had problems with it other than the cheap acrylic balls stripping.

    Posted on 04-19-2006 23:24:22 by etoile
    OMG EW.

  2. I have almost all my jewelry (12 different types barying in size from 14g-0g, acrylic and surgical) from Hot Topic. Some of it has been in for 3 years with absolutley no problems. The only jewelry I’ve ever had issues with was from an actual piercing shop (with a very good reputation). So, although I’m one to dis Hot Topic as much as the next for their clothing/crappy merchendise, I must say that in terms of the jewelry, it has posed no problems for me.

  3. Spencer’s? I used to work there, and this *looks* familiar, but it could really be anywhere. That’s just what my gut tells me

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