Great Tribal Circle Tattoo

I’m a big fan of this piece by Fraktal at Ganesh on IAM:ruben.

Anyway, I know I’m posting a day early (yeah, like you’re mad), but I didn’t realize my flight came back early enough in the day to post this. Other than that, I’m thinking about converting this blog to a WordPress2 interface (I just have to write the plug-in for IAM)… What do you think? It would greatly improve some of the core features (and speed) of the site. I have a couple more important programming tasks, but I can’t imagine it would be difficult.

Also new this week, I’ll be training Phil to do BME updates start-to-finish, meaning that we’re going to try updating five times a week (four image updates and one experience update) for a while and see how it goes. Feedback appreciated on all of this.

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Shannon Larratt is the founder of BME (1994) and its former editor and publisher. After a four year hiatus between 2008 and 2012, Shannon is back adding his commentary to ModBlog. It should be noted that any comments in these entries are the opinion of Shannon Larratt and may or may not be shared by LLC or the other staff or members of BME. Entry text Copyright © Shannon Larratt. Reproduced under license by LLC. Pictures may be copyright to their respective owners. You can also find Shannon at Zentastic or on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Great Tribal Circle Tattoo

  1. The following comments were imported from our old comment system:

    Posted on 04-25-2006 01:21:27 by outmywindow
    I’d like to see more of this guy’s scaring — looks intriguing, and very raised!

    Posted on 04-25-2006 01:22:25 by outmywindow
    fuck, I meant scarRing

    Posted on 04-25-2006 10:27:20 by mhm27x16
    That’s a beautiful tattoo.

    Anything you can do to improve the speed of the site would be very welcome, Shannon. It takes a while to load, even with ADSL. I always assumed that was due to the size of the pictures, but whatever it is – if you can upgrade it, please do!

    Posted on 04-25-2006 15:01:56 by falldown
    mine loads quick

    Posted on 04-25-2006 15:37:25 by anon
    If you’re considering WordPress, I’d also recommend looking into Textpattern ( Not that there’s anything wrong with WordPress, just that Textpattern has a good reputation for speed.

    Posted on 04-25-2006 19:00:19 by kuroneko711
    very sweet tribal, i’m loving it. and i agroee with outmywindow about the scarring, i would love to get a good look at it…and YAY SHANNON’S BACK! -crowds cheer-

    Posted on 04-25-2006 21:39:49 by ruben
    hey…thats me!!…

    Posted on 04-26-2006 04:03:15 by coconutjules
    Very pretty!

    Posted on 04-26-2006 19:25:04 by alrdygrownup
    The scaring looks very interesting.

    Posted on 04-26-2006 19:25:28 by alrdygrownup

    Posted on 04-27-2006 17:16:27 by penski
    The curse of the scaring…


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