Missing APP this year

Admittedly I’ve only hit APP twice (one EuroCon, and last year in Vegas), but sadly this year I had to choose between two things I needed to do, and to be honest, both involved many old friends, but one involved a whole lot more drinking than the other… As a guy with very little self control, I chose the non-drinking one. Wish I could be in two places at once! Thanks Barry for this quick shot of Pat McCarthy and Phish causing trouble clown-style.

I’m going to try posting some more tomorrow as well, but like I said before, officially I’m on “vacation” (to the extent that I’m ever on vacation) so please don’t get too irritated if I don’t post.

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One thought on “Missing APP this year

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    Posted on 05-04-2006 04:08:23 by BadPauly

    I went to sleep, clowns ate me.

    Posted on 05-05-2006 10:20:56 by glider
    Bart Simpson misquote? How dare you!

    Posted on 05-06-2006 17:08:09 by Wilburt
    I like his subdermal implant on his hand, very cool

    Posted on 05-06-2006 22:16:33 by :p
    its suppose to be
    can’t sleep, clowns will eat me….right?lol..or something like that

    Posted on 05-09-2006 02:22:37 by maniac
    by the way, i like clowns

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