15 thoughts on “Tattoos for onanists

  1. Amazing change the prior and this “updated version”.
    wow.. the details are amazing and what a great color job.

  2. I don’t know. Sometimes I think that photos look more alluring when more is blurred (I think the “SINNER” entry a few entries up from this one is a good example).

  3. Her pubes look like they’re shaved to resemble a star, or a sea anemone. I comment on peoples pubes way too often.

  4. It’s so sexy, but I just can’t get passed the fact that she has no left leg. Probably cause I like the boots so much :p

  5. Greaat i like the leg thing sorta goes well with the whole amputee type thing just woulda like to have seen massive arties and blood flyin evrywhere from it..~_0 & why isnt her choochie drippin wet down her leg? #_&

  6. …is it just me, or does this look quite like Hermione, from Harry Potter, sitting in one of the dorm chairs?

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