47 thoughts on “Best. Backpiece. Ever.

  1. Judging by the discharge, a few of his girls may need to see the gyno 😉 . Seriously though, awesome tattoo. I would love to see him at the beach.

  2. I really enjoy how the ones on the lower back make a butterfly. It seems one is on it’s period, and the other has an STI?

  3. I love that one is menstruating. The ones oozing yellow stuff that look like bacterial vaginosis though — not so much. Ew.

  4. I’m impressed… yes I have explicit female tattoos myself, and where I can see them myself, so for myself, but these are far bigger, technically top quality, at display for others instead of himself, and far more obvious from a distance. Still he could actually hide them as a hidden secret still… I’m curious if het really shows them on the beach and if so about the reactions he gets.

  5. wow….just wow. creative, odd, alarming, amusing, and rather though provoking. no room for confusions at all “i like the vaginas” !! 🙂

  6. No. Just no. We had a look at this in IT Japanese class, and this other (tattooed) guy and myself (also tattooed) laughed our heads off for about 10 minutes, up to the point where we cried.

    How anyone could get something like this tattooed on them for life is beyond me. I see a huge regret and a bigger removal bill comming to him sometime in the future!

  7. What’s with the penii? Why are they cut in half like that? Why are the urethrae so high on top? No, that doesn’t add up at all… The huge genital warts are a nice touch though…

    And I count 31 vaginae.

  8. looks like someone has a slight bit of issues.

    regardless, i bet the kanji symbol means ‘obsession’ and not ‘vagina’.

    vagina is just TOO obvious, c’mon….

  9. Neil, I don’t think they’re genital warts on the cocks, they’re implanted pearls. I’ve heard stories from hooker girlfriends that their japanese clients would have them implanted to increase pleasure for the woman.
    Hence the famous “pearlbird” vibrator.

  10. The character means ‘pervert’ or ‘perverted sin’ in chinese.
    Dunno if it’s the same for kanji though.

    Either way I think it’ll suit this backpiece fine xD

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  12. I counted about 35 vaginas. But maybe the green and blue ones don’t count? Idk really what else to say about this one. He’s defiantly not afraid of self expression.

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