What is that held in by? Hair?

Quite a while ago (over two years ago actually), Kivaka sent me these shots of people who came into his shop with rejecting piercings, at least one of them completely unaware that there was even a problem!

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27 thoughts on “What is that held in by? Hair?

  1. I agree with owned… how could you NOT know something was wrong when there’s barely anything holding your jewelry there? DUH?!

  2. whoa… Suddenly the two little dots that are on my eyebrow don’t bother me anymore. I took it out the day I noticed that it wanted to reject. I’m happy I did because the piercings in the pictures are going to leave nasty lines, not just two small dots

  3. How could they not notice are they blind?! Not to mention the fact that rejecting hurts. Yuck

  4. holly shit….why sont people notice that there piercing is going bad…and why the fuck do you still leave it on when its only beeing held by a tintsy bit of skin! god!

    its just stupid….maybe they placed bets with there buddies or something…. :/

  5. People don’t notice generally because of two different reasons (or more, but these are the two main ones I’ve noticed). One: denial, the urge of wanting the piercing there is stronger than the warning bell that something is wrong. Or two: many people just don’t know their bodies, or how to listen to if something is wrong. Generally the latter leads me to believe that these are the people who, for instance, wouldn’t go to a doctor until after an infection has spread beyond control or until wisdom teeth has started to rot out of their skull.

  6. I’ve had people come into my shop that wanted jewelry changed because “this piece is bothering me” and their piercing looked like these…and you can’t tell some of them it’s rejecting, because they won’t believe you. I had one girl with an eyebrow like the one shown ask me to take it out without tearing her skin open and all I could think was, “What skin?”

  7. I couldn’t imagine even trying to unscrew the end on that eyebrow without accidently just ripping it out o_O

  8. Does that count as an Industrial Eyebrow?
    I have to admit though, my nose piercing migrated a little and it took me a while to notice. Nothing this bad though.

  9. My bellybutton migrated slightly, but jesus, nothing like that. i should think that the jewelry had something to do with it. it doesnt look like particularly good jewelry in the second one.

  10. how the hell do you not realize that a piercing that is only hanging on by a thread of skin or hair(?) is a big fucking problem?!

  11. i just what to know, if you had a rejection from a piercing before what are the chances of happening again?

  12. ye gods, those made me shudder… it reminds me of my friend who got her nipples pierced @ a terribly thin gauge & one day asked me (very innocently & offhandedly) if i knew what it meant when you could “see the metal through the skin” on a piercing =(

  13. My eyebrow piercing didn’t get -that- bad, but it wasn’t held on by much when I finally gave up hope and took it out.

  14. I used to have that exact naval jewelry…it’s cheap, and it gave me nothing but trouble, not least of all because whenever I sat down the butterfly pressed against my stomach, pushing the bar forward, and an already unstable piercing starting to reject at a much faster rate. What can I say, it was my first ‘real’ piercing, I was ignorant…but it never looked like that!

  15. How could these people not see something wrong, and let it get this far? Horrors!!!

  16. Arrr my eyebrow did exactly tht. I really didn’t wanna take it out but it just popped out in my hand. My belly looks like it might be growing out, or just healing. :(

  17. my navel piercing was the same infact iv jus now took it out well the right side anyways

  18. My navel piercing was done 15 years ago and a few weeks ago suddenly felt sore and I was forced to remove the bar from it. Two days later I noticed it had snapped and thankfully has healed with no problems. So weird for it to reject after all those years!!!

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