23 thoughts on “Eyes and Tentacles

  1. That’s amazing… The story behind her tattoos is so beautiful, seeing as she’s been through so much.

  2. its pretty! but i liked her hair more when it was short.
    guh, i love her tattoos

  3. Wow i’m not sure i’d have the guts to go all out like that, but it is really amazing art, looks great

  4. Beautiful tattoos and a moving story behind them. And it’s really great to see a woman over the age of 21 featured here. Yay modblog diversity!

  5. Gorgeous woman…with or without the tattoos and piercings…it’s wonderful to hear that modification is still being put to use for reasons other than looking cool and tough

  6. this lady rocks, i remember many chats with her during the days of the bmechat. The work she has done is wonderful.

  7. I just read the story behind it. I think it is so cool how she was able to rise up and take control of her life using her body in a good way.

  8. Wow! Delighted to see how it is coming along – I read the piece and really admired what she was doing – now it looks even better!

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