20 thoughts on “Microdermal Forhead Mohawk

  1. Nathan, ask to him..he is iam kaustika from Mexico.

    raevyn + RustY his facial work its donne by Nazareno Tubaro from Argentina – iam Nazareno –

    Congrats Jhon!

    Miguel..dormi un poco o ponete crema..mira las bolsas que tenes!! jajajjajajaja

  2. any idea if the lines on his nose r scars or tattoos?

    and he does have some bags under his eyes, they look a lil bruised at that. tho from the placement of the microdermals i doubt its from them. entiendo espanol tambien, nadien sabe que puedo hablar lo y lellar lo… escribir lo, no tan bueno.

  3. I love ALL of his mods… facial tattoo=love! The microdermals compliment him very well… and I am definetly loving his earweights, large labret, (scars?), and his nostril jewelry too! Ahhh!

  4. These look fantastic! I don’t think that is bruising under his eyes. Looks like shadows to me. I just had two micro-dermals put in and the only bruising I saw was in the immediate area around the holes.

  5. really marvolous…my pasion is going strong looking this
    pictures…guyes keep rocking..i will soon join you guys!

  6. I am becoming a more and more devoted fan of microdermals, this picture has inspired me more than ever to seek out my own addition.

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