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This (the “Gang Bang” text) was done by Ienjas at Body Design in Gent, Belgium. I’m assuming in part because of the male-female double-standard that it will not generate the same reaction as Michelle’s tattoos

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35 thoughts on “12-on-1 Fan

  1. Shannon~

    Unlike the phrase “Fuck my whore ass”, the words “gang bang” have more than one meaning. I’m curious about what he means– he wants to GET gangbanged? He WAS gangbanged? Life’s a gang bang? I personally looked at all the nekkid pinup-y chicks and wondered– does he mean he wants to gangbang them?

    So, if you’re looking for a male tatoo that really uncovers the double standard you suspect is inherent in the convo we all had about Michelle… I’m afraid you gotta keep looking!


  2. It’s certainly not as provocative or striking. I’m not especially fond of the pin-up girls, they don’t look very well done to me.

  3. Vampirella on the right side?

    I agree with the others, I’ve seen some much better done pin-ups.

    Again, as far as the text goes, some context is required before making any sort of judgement – but in general, this squicks me out a bit more than Michelle’s.

    The main reason is line between fun and rape can be crossed pretty easily in that context. The fact that we just had a gang rape at my local college likely colours my views on this at the moment, though.

  4. Just as, before the interview, we could only take a guess about Michelle’s motivations, we can only take a guess about those of this guy. I personally do not find either appealing, and my (probably wrong) guess is that this guy is pretty sexist. That comes from the pin-ups though: “Gang bang” is not a fully formed sentence and is therefore too ambiguous to judge.
    On the other hand, I loved the explicit tattoo of the vagina – I really don’t see it as anti-woman, as it’s a much more truthful, much less “gosh I’ll write rude words” explanation of what the guy happens to like sexually.

  5. I don’t think having fantasies about a “taking turns” sort of situation is inherently sexist; some of my favorite lesbian SM erotica is about exactly that! :) Who is that sexist against, and who is being sexist?

    Though I do find it fascinating that so many people are all “I can’t assume” about this one, when they felt very free to do so about Michelle’s tattoos.

  6. “I disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” So fucking kudos to Michelle and to captain gang bang for fully embracing the spirit of not caring what people think of the choices you make with your own body. I’ll take a shakey pin up girl and an offensive phrase over a nautical star and a tribal butterfly any day!

  7. How can gang bangin’ be inherently sexist?!?! I know some girls that totally dig it. That’s like saying that straight anal sex is sexist. And let’s not forget the fact that a gang bang can be done without women. How do you know this guy didn’t get the pinup girls and then find out he was really attracted to men and got the rest of it done? Don’t listen to me though, go ahead and fight societies prejudices against women until we all have to screw standing so no one’s being sexist by being on top.

  8. gang bang is a quick term though, like a girl with a slut tattoo… it’s sort of like a term they indear to themselves. Full sentences declairing that they want to be used though are a bit different.

    Besides gang bang isn’t a gendered term. when someone says whore 99.999 percent of the time a female pops into someone’s head.

  9. i just hope he doesn’t mean in the “gangbang rape” kinda thing….if so…it makes my stomach churn and wonder who else is thinking of group raping a person….esp. enough to get this tattoo.

    but if it’s “gangbang consentual” with a person, than thats A OK……

    you know, permission and adult consent make things hot, not scary…..im hoping he’s the hot kind…..

  10. “Gang Bang” is inherently sexist because the great majority of people (including myself) associate it with rape, not fun. Especially the rape of women, which, considering its on a guy with naked women all around it, is exactly what I thought. Of course, he probably wouldn’t act on it, and its probably not what he was going for, but the idea is there.

  11. I think more than saying gangbangs are sexist, he’s saying it’s a guy with an outrigh “I want sex” kind of tattoo, vs. Michelles tattoos of the same nature. Thus people are ok with him having one and will make some excuse in their mind that his is ok, mainly because he’s male, while something flags in their head about Michelles mainly because she’s female.

    If I’m misinterpreting please let me know.

  12. except for that tattoo is FAR from michelle’s. maybe if he tattooed cum-dumpster on his forehead or something just as eloquent on his lower back it would be something near the same, but not really.

  13. Just wanted to say that the double standard isn’t what will stop it from generating as many comments as Michelles.I think it will be because it is not near as contriversial as Michelles tattoos.

  14. #18: You don’t run in many kinky circles, do you? :)

    It’s probably just that I’m kinky, but I rarely see it used to mean rape. I often see it used to mean people who want to be tossed in a sex sling and done by various people, usually their top and friends.

    Now “gang rape”, that’s a different story.

  15. See, when I see “gang bang”, I think gang FIGHTING. But I don’t think this dude’s tattoos are anywhere near as self-degrading as Michelle’s tattoos. He doesn’t have “prison bitch” and “fill my arse with hot cum and use me how you wish” or anything like that tattooed on him, his tattoos are much more aggressive – at least, that’s how I perceive them. But yadda yadda yadda, I’m not rising to the bait, sorry.It’s apples and elephants, that’s all I’m sayin’.

  16. I agree that this tattoo and Michelle’s are not really the same. His is about power. Michelle’s are about the lack thereof, which she even explained in the interview (which I hope everyone read). I think that’s the biggest difference here.

  17. Eh, I still don’t like them. I find some of the sexually oriented tattoos amusing (particularly skullfuck), but aside from that I don’t generally like the whole genre of slut/manwhore tattoos. I don’t like the cavalier attitude taht they project about sex, whether they are on men or women. I’m not saying that I’ve got some kind of crazy super, moral, holier-than-thou values going on, just that I don’t think that the idea of pursuing sex above relationships is ultimately healthy for an induvidual. …And that’s the vibe that I get from these tattoos.

  18. # 18 [“Gang Bangâ€? is inherently sexist because the great majority of people (including myself) associate it with rape]

    You are kidding right?

    Your argument is that a word (or in this case)
    a) has an inherent absolute moral value
    b) that inherent value is assessed by certain peoples associations.

    In regards to a) I disagree. That is a separate issue, but one that I took up in the Michelle post as well.

    In regards to b) frankly I dont think that you know what inherently means.

    Lastly, I note that no one has raised the issue of if he were to be sexually assaulted, what the courts would do. I found this to the most offensive element of the Michelle discussion.

    #25 did assume however that this tattoo was about power, a line of argument (as factious as the one used in Michelle’s case) might suggest that if this person were every accused of a sexual offensive this would essentially equate a confession.

    Shannon is correct in stating that this is an example of the double standard, in so far as the posters reactions assume that a man who displaying his sexual agency is empowered, whereas when a woman did so she was seen as automatically dis-empowered and degraded.

  19. In no way is it fair to call this an equal match to Michelle’s tattoos. If Michelle had only a stomach rocker saying something like “stick it in” or “fuck me rotten” or whatever sexual saying she might choose it instead of an impressively extensive collection it would be closer comparison.

    This guy just has more than the average amount of the commonly accepted pin-up girl and one dubious saying across his stomach. If he had statements about his sexual desires on his genitals, behind, both and pectorals that would be fair.

    As it is… we’re comparing apples and oranges. I’m not condemning nor condoning either. Just putting in my two cents that I feel like the post was couched in such a way as to shame people about their comments in the Michelle forum when it isn’t even in the same league as this man’s “gang bang.”

  20. I agree, this it nothing like Michelle’s ink.

    This is a stupid tattoo (the text) as a tattoo, IMNSHO, but it doesn’t come close to the depths that hers do.

    If there’s a story behind the purpose for getting it, then I’m sure he’s happy with what he got. But what now, the need for an interview with every chucklehead who gets an outrageous tattoo just so that the peanut gallery will accept it? Nah.

    I promise, if I get something royally gofy as a tattoo and Shannon posts it in more than my IAM page, I’ll make sure to have the story behind it ready for the comment section. ;)

  21. Rsco: I agree that the sexual assault part of the comments to Michelles photos were offensive. HOWEVER, despite rape-shield laws, the character of the person assaulted often comes into play, either with prosecutors that decline to prosecute because they don’t like the victims background, or through some legal back-door. While it shouldn’t matter what someone looks like, or what they do in their private life, it still often ends up getting dragged into court.
    I don’t think this victi-, er, tattoo collector is likely to have that problem anyways; males are much less likely to be sexually assaulted than females. Now, if he was called into court and accused of raping someone, I’ll betcha it sure as hell would affect the outcome.

    Regardless, it’s still his skin and not mine.


  23. “Gang Bang” implies rape most of the time. I know girls who have gotten “Gang Banged”. Well, she didn’t call it that, but the guys did. What’s even worse is the fact that I know a man who paricipated an a (different) “gang bang”. He was laughing as he told us how the girl had to be rushed to the ER and ended up getting 21 stitches in her torn vagina.

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