Skull Kavadi Bearing

This unusual kavadi bearing was performed by Malicia (photo: Dan Repicz) at AmorInfameTormento in Sao Paulo, October 10th, 2006.

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48 thoughts on “Skull Kavadi Bearing

  1. i actually thought i was seeing things there.
    you made me question my sanity!! (something i usually leave up to other people)

    cool photo though

  2. Haha, I was about to comment on how peaceful she looked, then I looked again and thought, wait, she actually looks rather determined…what the hell?!

  3. Wow, that was odd!! (I too thought I was going crazy…wait, I already am, but still!)

    Anywho, that is a really cool picture, how did she do that?!?!

  4. Those eyes are freaky I have to stare at it for the longest time just to check that I wasn’t losing it!

  5. Freaking awesome. Kadavi looks spectacular from an experiential standpoint and this take on it with the squiky blinking and all is great.

  6. That’s an awesome photo! I got scared the first time she blinked, I had to double check and make sure I wasn’t losing it. Nice way to scare people. =P

  7. okay her blining almost killed me! … “wtf the photo blinked!”
    I have to go see this! being in Buenos Aires I cant miss it

  8. really good efect

    Ritual Belza Arte its the name of the performance playing by Amor Infame Tormento..Angy make a super good play spears there…im so glad to enjoy it.

  9. Holy fleurking schnit that blinking seriously fucked me up, I had to click the comments to confirm my sanity just then. Nicely done! You should try to do this more often with photos, I see this working with nip slips and tongue pokes just as effectively heheh :)

    Oh and number 7, I also like to refer to myself as Helanus too *high fives*….mmm, analicious :P

  10. Oh my goodness I know everyone’s commented on it already but I’m so glad I read the comments before noticing the blinking or else I would have seriously gotten very freaked out.

  11. Haha crazy shit man. Nice little suprise there Shannon.

    Who needs drugs when youhave ModBlog.

  12. as I stared at the picture to take it in fully, I had the crap scared out of me because I thought I was going insane. While I don’t think I could to a suspension (though the thought has crossed my mind many a time), I would love to do this.

  13. This is incredibly beauticful. I had not heard of a skull kavadi bearing before. Something for my future perhaps? :)

  14. Now that was frickin Krazy I had to wait and look to make sure that I just wasnt seeing things !!

    2bad I was hoping my mind was playing tricks onme ~_=

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