Lucky BMEgirl Thursday 3/15

You’ll find the full set of these and lots more in BME/HARD‘s bonus galleries… If you’re a member and haven’t checked out that section, it’s a pretty neat area of the site that covers a really broad range of erotic interests. Anyway, click through for more photos (or here for a bonus shot) from this set from some old friends of mine.

21 thoughts on “Lucky BMEgirl Thursday 3/15

  1. “ross – Hmm… well, she has a bunch of tattoos, piercings including surface work, etc…. Distracted much? ”

    i suppose i was… i am a big fan of small nipples!

    in fairness, it is quite hard to spot the surface piercings, and you can only see a TINY bit of a tatoo that her arm is covering…

    i REALLY need to get out more, this is the third day running i have been on mod-blog at the time you were posting pics!

  2. “is it just me, or does she have no mods at all?”
    Click on the main picture to get a glimpse of the mods including clavicals, double navel, christina, tattoos.
    don’t worry though, I often get distracted by my own nipples as well, haha

  3. she has bloody great legs.

    I’m not sure if I like or dislike the black bar…it’s intriguing.

  4. Fantastic body aside, I think she has one of the cutest noses I’ve seen in recent memory. Funny what the eyes are drawn to.

  5. Black bars = broken promises.

    Also, speaking as a hetero girl…she is one lovely package with nicely placed mods.

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