30 thoughts on “Lucky BMEgirl Thursday 4/15

  1. wow, that looks so amazing. wish i saw more of this stuff where i live… england sucks!

  2. Miss Manners at Westside Tattoo here in Brisbane, Australia has a black sleeve.. She is originally from England..
    She also a fucking awesome tattooist!

  3. i really do love solid blackwork tatoo’s, this is the first time i’ve seen one on a girl!

  4. We might be deprived, but we are most CERTAINLY depraved.
    I love that photo, she looks so happy.

  5. “I’m pretty sure that I can count the number of women I know with all black arms possibly on one hand”

    me too, there’s not many african people where I live, either

  6. that’s awesome. I love how she’s not overtly really modded other than it either, makes it stand out loads.

  7. om, those of us of african decent aren’t actually “black” were’re brown, just like everyone is to some degree… unless you happen to be an albino.

  8. She is gorgeous, her face is so warm and pretty. Less of the serious posers and more girls like this please Shannon, she is fantastic.

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