44 thoughts on ““A unique jewelry accessory”

  1. Aw, this is so cute! (Although I still secretly like the baby rat you posted a while ago a little better 😉 )

  2. Why has everyone been on a photoshop calling out rampage? It was probably cleaned up a bit, but it’s not as if he inserted the frog.

    And I agree, it is cute, though I think I enjoyed the rat a bit more as well.

  3. It’s already been said but the word ‘adorable’ pretty much sums up the picture for me. I’m pretty sure it’s a toad though? Not that it matters.

  4. awwwww. we get those wee little frogs during summer around here. they’re so cute.

  5. Anyone know what kind of frog this is? I know it sounds cheesy, but if I made jewelry I would totally put fake frogs in the tunnels cause I don’t think real ones would stay in all day.

  6. my stepfather informs me that it’s a toad, and that is disgusting 😛

    beautiful ears and nice toad!

  7. #

    uh photoshopped much?
    still cute tho:P

    Posted by Lily on November 17th, 2006 at 3:31 pm
    Its not photoshoped. This photo was taken at “frog lake” on mt. hood in Oregon. The lake is thick with these things.

  8. cute picture. cute frog. but i’m with lily on this one, it’s obviously not REALLY there 🙂

  9. if I looking for frog
    him name is hopkin green frog
    I lost my frog
    P.S. I’ll find my frog
    who took my frog
    who found my frog
    2012 15th AVE.S.


  10. I love this picture, frogs are my favorite animals. I totally believe this picture is real.
    P.S. Although I am probably wrong it looks a lot like a fire belly toad.

  11. hm, no fire on it’s belly, though… but looking at the top, i see what you’re saying…

    Hm, how is it not real? It looks like it is there, look at all the showing and everything.. I don’t know…I’m skptically about hte fake thing..

    That picture is totally cute…and make me miss my fire bellied toads… (Geez, Skye.. haha kidding).. If I had them still, they’d probably ride around in my ears… mhm..

  12. I want one for my earrrr!!! I’m not sure exactly what kind of toad it is but it’s not a firebelly toad!! And it looks real to me.

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