Navel Rose

I’m not sure if I think this rose, tattooed with the navel as its centre, is really cool or really creepy… Done by Tamas Kusinka at Tattoo Zone in Pecs, Hungary.

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23 thoughts on “Navel Rose

  1. that gives me the biggest no feeling. touching my belly button is bad enough, i think i’d puke if i got mine tattooed!

    nice colors, tho :)

  2. Is it really bad that my first thought was that I wanted to stick my tongue in it? If I were ever 100% certain that I’d never want kids (and if I made that choice young enough to still pull a navel tattoo off) then I wouldn’t even hesitate. Man – it would be a shame to see that get all stretched out! In the meantime, though, it’s extremely hot. (And maybe she’s already 100% sure about not having kids, in which case it should stay hot for a long time!)

  3. The navel is kinda like the nipple for me. I know that if I tattoed it it would bother me that I can’t really see it. I know this makes no sense at all, but I would always want to take it off. Ironically I hate the way my navel looks like without jewelry in it…I always feel as though somethings missing and I’m naked.

  4. even if she has kids…
    she has a great experience.

    Its the same question as- what happens when your older?

    Things change – let them.

  5. Something subconsciously vulval about the way the navel looks in the middle of that rose – ‘specially with the sort of line vertically in it, and that it’s red not yellow or blue. Like the way people (euphemism lovers, anyway) talk about the female genitalia as a flower… I feel twisted for saying it, but Freud would certainly agree – especially given the link of the navel – umbilical cord – reproduction – feminine sexuality.

  6. It looks like there’s a mini Rolling Stones logo in the middle there. Unintentional, of course, and probably only from that exact angle.

  7. i agree with jay, first thing i thought when i looked at this was “OMG it looks like a vagina!” lol…

  8. It’s kinda S&M to have the navel tattooed in the inside! It’s the spot on the body surface with the highest density of nerve cells!
    Or maybe one gets an anaestetic injection? Otherwise one would really be writhing in agony and surely pass out. Can’t think one can stand this without being tied up or getting the area dumbed.

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