26 thoughts on “798 Ritual

  1. The little girl looks so, intesely at the camera. It’s quite an amazing picture, I’d have to agree with you Shannon on that one.

  2. wow, I fell in love with this picture. And then they tell us to think of the kids… she doesn’t look as scared as people say kids would be 😛

  3. “Ladies with an attitude/ Fellows that were in the mood/ Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it/ Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it” That girl’s a natural, surprized Madonna hasn’t tried adopting her yet…

  4. I will defiantly agree that darling little girl is all about sassafras!!!! The hooks are monstrous as well!! I think I would like some like that just for fun:)

  5. Cute!

    And wow, those hooks…are long. I’m wondering what the white stuff is though. I’ve never seen it out of my own holes, and haven’t seen enough other ones to know…Maybe an antiseptic?

  6. “Guys…if you don’t mind…I’ve got a suspension show to get underway here. Enough with the photos!”

    Love that little girl.

  7. I tottally wish I had as much sass as her.

    I love how everyone is obsessing about the girl, and not the dude with the hooks through his flesh.


  8. I love it. I want a print of it. Can I buy one from whoever took the photo? I don’t want to steal it.

  9. I just love the stance. Absolutely NO nonsense for this kid! Talk about working a knitted blazer! And what makes the shot for me is the contrast between her obviously very young age and the punctured skin and steel just behind her. So Intense. One of the photos for the year for modblog-this is a tremendous moment captured on film. Even posed, it seems so real, so RIGHT there.

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