Interview with Pauly Unstoppable

Roo just posted an interview with Pauly Unstoppable (seen here before for his massive nostril stretchings and more: 1 2 3 4 5); click the picture to read it in BME/News now.

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185 thoughts on “Interview with Pauly Unstoppable

  1. he doesn’t look really happy.
    i like piercings and stuff but this goes for me a little bit to far.
    greetz t

  2. Gosh, he’s 21 – I was so confused by that before I learned how early he started acquiring mods. Shit, I started at 14 and most certainly don’t look that extreme yet!
    (Fiance looking over shoulder again, he now feels a bit emasculated as he only got a PA today at the age of 21! Not 10 years before!)

  3. that’s so awesome!! I always have a mooch at all this guys mody mods, Im so intreaged! I have some but nowhere near as extreme, I found that really really interesting! x

  4. I really wanted to read this interview (although expected it would be Shannon as the interviewer), so it was great to take a look at it.

    I didn’t like some of the questions – sometimes they seemed so childish and sometimes so forced to be “cool/funny” *IMHO* but I definitely loved the way Pauly handled/answered them! He’s not only this “big-nostrils-dude” but he also has some good brain and lots of sensivity!

    Thanks for going for it, Pauly!

  5. Pauly your amazing, that artical answered alot of questions I had about you. Also a better understanding of how you became Unstoppable. I envy you, and support you every step of the way.

  6. I also started self-piercing, including genital piercing, at a young age (although not quite as young as Pauly)… This is part of the reason that I feel very strongly that it is important to make information accessible to people of all ages in order to keep them as safe and educated as possible.

    For people who “need” body modification on some level, it’s been my experience that the drive to do so kicks in around the same time as puberty because (in my opinion), when it’s on a “need” basis it’s deeply linked to sexuality and sense of self in that arena…

  7. It’s weird that you mention that age/puberty/sex thing, Shannon…

    At about 12 years old I stole a few hypodermics from A&E ‘to see what it felt like’.

    Although I still keep very few ‘public’ mods (6mm lip, 20mm lobes [target 50mm, I'm taking them VERY slowly - about 5 years to 20mm, I still have about 13mm of flesh all 'round and perfectly formed round holes/lobes], 8mm tongue, 6mm Septum with a retainer worn permenantly), all ‘private’ mods and play-work (whether with needles or scalpels) have been purely sexual in purpose.


  8. I should probably rephrase that, not childish as such.. more lighthearted.

    I’m from Liverpool originally, also a brief spell in Norwich and a few other places in England, I’m in Toronto at the moment.


  9. Pauly rocks! I couldn’t believe how young he was either, probably because of the facial tattoos. I wish there were interesting people like him where I live.

  10. Awesome Interview Roo!!

    Pauly your the Tommy Lee of BME world.. whens the DVD of you and Pammy (or insert his name here) goin to be released??

  11. I can’t help but feel this interview is overdue. I’m glad it’s here now though, he is fantastic and comes across as a genuinely lovely guy.

  12. Thank you so much for doing this interview. I was so excited i litteraly jumped out of my seat when i saw his face as the cover. I don’t know Pauly or anything, but he is in my top friends list because i think he is someone who people should get to know about and can learn a lot from. So to see that he gets the chance to voice himself on such a well known forum makes me feel all tingly inside.



  13. When I first met Pauly. I thought his name should be ” Pauly Not-Fucking-Around Unstoppable” because he really does look just like his photos. I love that guy

  14. that was a very good, detailed interview, very intereasting!!!

    the one question i still wanna know is what his parents think of his modifications…

    p.s. HOLY COW he has a huge wang.

  15. this turned out so much better then i thought it would, roo you do such an amazing job, and i am glad people are enjoying it and such

    and well yes roo i am soooo down for sex and stuff, anytime anyplace boy

  16. I’ve gotta say.. Pauly, you look so good with long hair :). That having been said, you’re a sexy beast with pseudo-mullet hair too.

  17. I have to say: Pauly, your smile is absolutely charming. :)

    Cute interview – both you guys (Pauly and Roo) seem like such truly fun, nice guys.

  18. everytime i see a picture of him i want to lick his nose hahahah.

    the only thing that surprised me was that he got a PA at such a young age because i remember asking my parents for a simple lip piercing and i almost got strangled.

  19. Wonderful interview. For some strange reason I came over all emotional by the end, I think it’s the thought of the death threats and other ignorant shit that flies your way everyday. I know you can handle it, it just saddens me that it happens at all. Le sigh :)

    Take care xx

    P.S The wang pic totally threw me, you made a lil’ fagarette blush :P

  20. i’ve got alot of respect for this guy, he’s good a massive vision of how he would like or feels he should look. i think if i had the nerve like pauly i would look a lot weirded than that. fair play to you pauly

  21. Good interview, and i have 1000% respect for someone who chooses to express himself in a manner like this. Though it might be too much for me personal, i think he’s doing a good job! Keep it up…

  22. I enjoyed reading your interview and would like to meet you in person. Here are a few facts about myself. from a small child on, I was always fat and had very few friends and always beeing teasesd in school. I graduated from high school in the mid 1970′s. About a half dozen of my classsmates had tattoos by then. Body modification wasn’t that much of an in thing at that time. In the early 1970′s I had my first two tattoos. They kind of made me feel more like a man than a wimp. In the middle 1990′s I got my first ear piercing. Over the years I have added to it. I now have 14, 14 gauge captive bead rings in my left ear. Since my wife and I seperated and eventually got divorced in 2001, I have added about 100 hours of tattoos to my body. Since 2001 I have also added more piercings to include my tongue, both nipples, a PA, an ampallang, which by the way is no longer there, and 5 scrotal rings, two of which are longer there. I enjoy my body modifications and I like how I look. I am planning both more tattoos and piercings. Not stretching any piercings, just adding more.

  23. haha i love you pauly. this is fucking amazing interview. it touched a lot of subjects that i was hoping it would and didnt make you out to be a walking set of stretched nostrils. love it.

  24. Pauly, you probably already know this, you amazing…..your views on life and the world we live in are so true….keep it up man….FTW

  25. good interview, interesting person..
    i also have some mods, but its kinda thing that i cant really understand, a bit too much for me.
    anyway, he would be a good man, i would like to talk him once..
    take care of you

  26. I think this was a great interview, very insightful.

    I think it’s Pauly is amazing for sticking to what he felt right for himself and not letting people’s close-mindedness stop him from doing what HE wants to.

  27. I find your story enlightening. People think that is you are different you are some kind of weirdo. But in all honesty I see majority of the world as morons. You do what you enjoy most and live your life to the fullest. Dont let the heresay bullshit get in your way.

  28. 73 – hahaha!

    This was a really interesting interview, I’ve always been intrigued by Pauly. The idea of death threats and the like makes me cringe and feel a bit sad though.

    Another great job Roo :)

  29. That doesn’t make any goddamned sense.
    6 months ago his myspace read “Bi”.

    Pfft. I hate fake gays.

  30. Right on Pauly! I just wish there were more people like you out there. You got my respect.
    To #77- who cares if he is gay bi or straight? That is a small detal. This is about his mods.

  31. Great article. I will be watching as you get older, it will be interesting to see if you keep stedilly modding, of will reverse what you have done. (not reverse, but scale back)

    It is a fact that we all get a little more conservative as we get older. Pauly is still young. I am only 25, and have already begun to notice I am not as crazy as I was at 21.

    It will be interesting to see none the less. I can respect your choice to mod your face so heavily, after all that is why we all come here….. to Be ME…….

  32. Hehe, having just made the very small jump from a 16ga nostril to a 14ga, my respect for Pauly is overwhelming.

    Reading about people like him taking control of their lives and appearances is an incredibly inspiring experience, so… Thank you.

  33. Ahem, please log onto for pictures of Pauly and me with large balls of string, giant frying pans and other such unbelievable sights.
    Ok maybe not yet, but as soon as we get a benefactor for our road trip. heh.
    xo nice interview Pauly. Good job Roo.

  34. I would have to say, that Pauly is an interesting person, and i am kicking myself for only arguing with him online and not sitting down and talking when we met in Toronto.

    With that being said, I am not so impressed by this interview

  35. 78, wtf? Who cares if someone is bisexual or not? That’s just weird.

    I personally was a tiny bit put off by the “scary vaginas” comment Pauly made — my anatomy isn’t scary, whether someone wants to fuck it or not! — but it was probably jesting in a way that doesn’t come across in text.

  36. #78 even if he was bi people are intitled to changing there minds, he did say hes had sex with a women in the interview so maybe he is, was, whatever it really doesn’t matter so don’t stress over it.

  37. Pauly you are truly amazing. I love what you have done with your body modifications. You and Roo are great insperations. With what I am wanting to do with my body art it is people like you and roo and others that do body mods. that keep me wanting to go for my goal.


  38. wow Paul I wish that you was my boy next door, I love body modifications and got a few myself, I feel that I already know you and have done for years, would love to meet you some day.

    Kevin from England but now living in rotterdam the netherlands
    [email protected]
    send us a mail and well talk

    excellent interview

  39. I think Paul is a real inspiration.
    He has learnt and grown in ways in which he was unhappy with before.
    He doesn’t care what others think of him!!

    Paul, mate… you are one cool dude!!


  40. It seems that he has to hide allot of hurt and pain behind
    his body modifications? which is good for him if it gives
    him security, his nostrils are his trade mark! and i feel
    he will encourage other nostril stretchers to take the
    deep plunge into freaky waters. Awesome Nostrilsxxx

  41. For me the most amazing thing I learned about Pauly is that he’s Maori. Because now all us Maori IAMers are going to start claiming him. It’s what we do :D hahaha

  42. I have alot of respect for you pauly.
    You’ve had the guts to actually do what alot of us would only ever daydream on doing.
    Keep it up man.

  43. Lot’s of respect for Pauly, he’s taken it to the level he wants with no regrets. I’m loving the facial tatooing. I think the difference between Pauly and alot of us is he doesn’t just daydream, he does. Good on ya Pauly :P. Keep it real! (and modified of course)

  44. #78….shut the fuck up, you dont know him. I do, and he is most definately gay, big deal. what does it matter to you anyway? LAME.

    aside from that, I love this picture, even if he did puke afterward. And great job on the interview!! about time. :)

  45. Somebody needs some attention. LOSER!! I would love to see you on the street and rip that shit out of your face.

  46. hahah

    i guess i succeded then :)

    though i dont know whats worse, my extreme body modifications

    or your extreme violent nature towards people you dont even know

    i am thinking the latter

  47. Paula, I envy your piercings. I have quite a few, but nothing to compare to yours. Maybe some day.

  48. there should be more people in the world like pauly he is an inspiration im sure to alot of us bod mods that have felt alone for so long hopefully there will be more of us to come and society will more readily accept us and not shun us for what we are were just like they are we just look different

  49. #116, seriously, are you trying to get attention? And I’m sorry but I know myself plus paul’s hundreds of other friends would be right behind him, defending him. I know that for a damn fact.

  50. thats your OPINION you stupid ho. I think he’s beautiful, and my opinion counts more than yours cuz 1-I’m better than you, 2-I know paul and I know more than just his outward appearance, and beauty is more than physical.

    so yes. Shut the fuck up. :D

    I think I need to stop coming on this interview, too defensive of the pauly I am.

  51. Pauly,
    I just click on some of your pages, why the hell do you need to ask people for money to further you bod mods. Would it be because you cannot get a job to pay for your own mods?

  52. number 124

    why do you care

    i do have a job, obviously or i wouldnt be able to afford the work i get on a constant basis and do all my travels

    if you were to read my myspace it says quite clear what i do

    i dont need anyone to do anything, but if people wont to donate thats there buisness

  53. Mr. Unstoppable, you are truely an inspiration, that shit takes some serious balls to do, and judging from those pics you have some ;o) I totally support you, and if I had money to spare I’d donate, unfortunately, I just blew 5k on my sleeves, not even half done yet… (grumble)
    I’ve only just found BME so I’m still discovering this stuff is actually here, glad it is, Roo, EXCELLENT interview.

    peace, love, and all that shit ;o)


    I’d consider switching sides for a night with you Pauly ;o)

  54. First of all, Roo’s interview questions are good because it always seems informal and deals with serious questions whilst always throwing in some humour to keep things cheery.
    The interview with Nye was funny, informative and eduactional and i could not wait for this interview when it was announced Roo would be interviewing Pauly. Although at first shocked with Pauly’s Modifications, he has further opened my mind into accepting people for who they are. I see myself as quite open minded already but this interview and torn a new hole. I cant say i want to go out and repeat Pauly’s mods but thats the whole point, satisfy the self, its your body.

  55. Pauly,
    If you have a job, why ask for handouts, where is your pride man.
    If you want additional mods quicker why not get off your ass and get a second job.

  56. try to make a mountain out of a mole hill all you want

    i dont ask for handouts, i have a job and i love it and lets me live comfortably

    and you can judge me all you want i dont really care

    when it comes down to it, if someone offerd you a donation for a tattoo you would take it, and to say differnt is lying

    i only made my donate links because i was asked to, people do what they want, get over it

  57. Pauly,
    No, you are totally wrong about me, I certainly would not take a hand out from anyone for a tattoo.
    I do not take anything from anyone. Im proud to say anything I have in life has been worked and earned by me.
    Even when I hadnt got a $ to my name I went without food, its called self pride. Why not ask for a donation of this, I would gladly send you some.

  58. anyhow to acutally make the post i wanted to post

    i just wanted to say thank you to all the people that left really nice messages

    it means alot to me

    makes me smile there are openminded and lovely individuals still in this world

    take care

  59. Pauly, you know your not a horrible person, I never said that, and im not amazing…a little honorable granted lol.

    Try not to win people over by conquer and divide, its so transparent lol

  60. Im sorry to hear Pauly has so much trouble with all the idiots that infest our world. Makes me wanna move out to where he lives just to help him be in a better environment.

  61. A true master does not except payment in any form and will be given a way to achieve thier monaterie goals in other forms. So in my bOOk he while he is being himself he dosnt fall in2 a master level at this site.And just my 2 cents but only bitch ass mother fuckers are going to set up and accpet donations fro thier tattoos: enterprising -yes ,bitch ass mother fucker -yes :unless of course u set yourself uplike a race car and for thier money they get to choose what and where it goes then its cool :-) other wise u blow but hey ur vegan so you got that going 4u lol

  62. Lol i like ur attitude but the money u have shown there is chump change in all reality …Lol have a happy healthy new year ~_0 lol peace hehe.. we no it’s all good it’s just nice to know that there people out there like you that canhandle what ever may come thier way neg or pos. *_0 lol 6969 was just at a nice freak site and i filled out an application to sell popcorn and cotton candy at the minature pincher show where its crazy casue they are over 100 #’s :-)

  63. I haven’t been on BME for a while and that was a really great interview to read on my return.

    I wish more people like you lived in my area. You seem to have your head screwed on straight and believe in what you do, whether you have extreme mods or no mods at all that’s a great trait for anyone to have.

    Some people always have to try to bring you down, but all they do is show themselves up. Live and let live!

    Thanks Pauly and Roo for an inspiring read.

  64. whoa! i mean this guy rocks. i’ve only got gauged ears to 1/2 and don’t plan on going anywhere near his sizes, but this guy is pretty cool. the dick thing though kinda scares me…but hey, not my body to modify.

  65. heyy roo, its fay man! nigles daughterr,hehe missin ya btw, hope canadas guud, mail us if ya get this if ya hav time, wud be sweet tu here from ya


    oh n pauly is luukin fit!


  66. pauly i would like to thank you for inspiring me to try my hardest in life despite the fact that the world is not ready to except the modified comunity. ohh and congratulations on being my first comment ever.

  67. I salute thee Pauly!!…but don’t your nasal pasasges dry up a bit when wearing certain plugs? THAT I know is NOT good for a person for a number of reasons…(Shannon can probably expound upon this better than myself)

    I have a massive hole deep within my septum (too deep to wear a ring)-not from mods but from coke back in the “Cocaine Cowboy” days in South Florida, and every other week I have to use mosquito clamps to pluck and purge horrificly(sp?) large boogers from way up in the tract. Usually bringing a little blood with it. Planning on having corrective surgery. Not just yet, eventually.


    ‘Cos I’m having too much fun as a “snot-terrorist” with these Guiness-book nose goblins!

    Wanna see pics?



  68. Hey Pauly I just loved the way that you answered the questions. =) It seems that you are not only amazing on the outside, but personality-wise as well. Though I dont know you so I wouldn’t really no for sure. You’re body art & mods are a huge inspiration to me and if your ever down and out just think of all the kids who would love to have to courage to do what you do, and might i add with charm and manners.

    your a legend!!!!

  69. I would like to say that I was with Paul at his very first piercing so I’d like to think that I am part of history, bow down bitchs

  70. It’s not like he’s taking others’ money when they don’t want to give it (like chavs sitting on benefits in areas of very high employment)!
    People who give him money will be people who want to! If I could get people to give me money, I would. However, there’s no way I would steal / coerce people into giving me money, so… nothing dishonourable about it. Generosity’s a nice thing.

  71. Cool I am raising $ to support my crack habbit plz send it to DeeezzNutttzzz Po. box 69 Get Real city,Fu, 33006

  72. fuckin right
    i just gained so much more respect for you
    i love canada too im glad its been as good to u as it has to me
    :) keep on paul undstoppable

  73. he’s such an inspiration.
    one of the few people i’ve ever come across that genuinely do what they wanna do, for their own reasons, nobody elses.
    i’d gladly aspire to be him.
    one day i will.
    he’s just amazing.
    words can’t describe how original and individual he is.
    i’m sure there are hundreds of people who agree with me.

    don’t stop pauly.
    you’re amazing.

  74. This was a wonderful article. It should bring a wonderful insight to those who are maybe not so familiar with Body modification. Nice.

  75. There was something about Pauly that drew me to him. More than likely the curiosity of his art. haha. However, I felt like he must’ve been amazing inside and that was what he was trying to express in one form or another, regardless of his exterior apperance. This interview completely confirmed that.


  76. He is ugly. He is really really ugly.
    He destroyed his body with holes and color. It seems to me that he is not at all happy about his appearence. At least it is partially reversable.

    He should get some counselling. You can get addicted to tatoos, piercing and body modification.

  77. i couldnt quit make out the 2nd pic by his dick it looks like he pierced it and it shrievled up or somethin..?????

  78. I would like to say that pauly is an insperation!!

    his ears and nostrils are amazing, along with all the other piercings hes had and his tattoos!!

    i hope to met him one day =)

    you should be a SIR pauly!!


  79. Personally, i think its a bit much. Its AMAZING, but not the kind of thing i would even consider doing :/

    But rsdxcktugvkbj @ the people threatening you, you entertain people and its obviously what you want to do.

    and you inspire lots of people aswell; i’d be proud of that at the very least.


  80. I met Pauly (online) due to a group of friends ganging up on him and harrassing him in an online forum. It was surprising to me for me to see the mob mentality surface in a group of people I believed to be open minded. Regardless, Pauly handled himself well and I’ve been a fan ever since. I’m trying to push the boundaries myself as I will keep my 3/4 inch lobes even after I finish law school. Pauly and those like him make it easier for all of us to express ourselves visually. Our bodies are canvases and rather blank or colored, pierced or plain, they are an outward expression of who we are. Thank you Pauly.

    - ODB

  81. I’ve seen quite a few pics of Pauly now, and to me the thing that always seems to stand out (oddly I guess) is the floral eyebrow tattoos. Somehow they really seem to accentuate his other features and give his whole “look” a much mellower and more “friendly” tone than it might otherwise have. I guess somehow those eyebrows take his look in a much better direction, away from what might be perceived as a more “punk” kind of “fuck you” look and towards a much more “this is what makes me comfortable” look. OK, if I use the word “look” again I’m going to smack myself.

  82. Pauly I think that you just fucking rock man. If half the world did something like tattoo their face at 18 just to secure their right to have rights is just great. Support to you my man!!

  83. Man, i have to say, i read your whole artical, i can sorta relate to how you feel based apon all of your peircings, i used to have them, until one night my 5/8 fell out of my right ear and closed up to a half inch before i noticed it, so i just gave up, but to get more on the focus of my point here, you’ve over came a lot in your life, and you’ve found the same way to counter hate as i have, through laughter, i try and tell people that all of the time to don’t take shit from people, just laugh it off, but wow man, your the most unique and opinionated person i’ve ever heard about, if you ever find your-self in the upper peninsula of michigan, drop me a comment on myspace or somthing, i have a freind i know you’d love to meet, his names matt, or less popularly know as dutchy, he’s got most of the same veiws on body modifications and at as you may have, and he’s bi-sexual, lol just had to like through that one out there, but have a good one man, ENJOI

  84. Haha Pauly you really are fucking amazing [=

    I don’t like stretched piercings at all but I really admire and respect you tbh ^_^

  85. “He is ugly. He is really really ugly.
    He destroyed his body with holes and color. It seems to me that he is not at all happy about his appearence. At least it is partially reversable.

    He should get some counselling. You can get addicted to tatoos, piercing and body modification”

    The only thing that matters is his opinion. And he hasn’t destroyed it he’s doing what he likes and that’s fine.

  86. i find his body modification amazing.Yeah i’ll agree some of it is extreme but it looks awesome.If i ever met him i’d be very happy because i find ear stretching amazing im planing on having my ears stretched soon.Iv got to say in a way he is an inspiration too me

  87. Vivi pure come cazzo vuoi figliolo ma sei un povero psicopatico frustrato che forse non ha mai scopato abbastanza in vita sua…se il tuo complesso di inferiorità si è risolto diventando un ridicolo fenomeno da baraccone meglio per te.
    Comunque ognuno fa di se’ quello che vuole, dici di non prendere droghe. meno male!

  88. That was a great interview,
    I never knew Pauly was so young when he started,
    As well as how young he is now,
    I though him to be in his early 30′s/late 20′s.
    I would like to learn more about him being stabbed/shot etc.
    That interests me and gives me a new way to look at him.

  89. omg his penis is soooo big :O i would swallow it all if he didn’t look that way…it is way too much …. what happened to his dck in the second pic????

    i am male lol

  90. A wonderfully written article, I actually see eye-to-eye with Pauly on certain things. Thank you for writing it.

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  92. I’m all for anyone “expressing” themselves the way they see fit.
    What I don’t understanding is the hanging of the body. I have an open mind, and am hoping someone can explain this to me better.
    My logic being there are so many people suffering…dying. …I’ve seen people on their last breaths with cancer, the pain ungodly. They live in pain every day and wish they had one day…one HOUR without pain. How can someone hang themselves from a hook and call it “spiritual”? I’ve had many surgeries in my life, have dealt with no pain medication when I was prescribed moriphine. I just do NOT understand why someone would do that willingly to themselves?

  93. I never thought I would like someone that I have never really knew, yet I find myself liking Pauly. One I think that he is a beautiful person, I have felt alone at one point or the other, but I never knew that someone could feel so much pain. Pauly is interesting and hopefully one day i will meet him and can sit and talk for a while.

  94. God!!! It is something very disgusting …!!!!
    To fuck, since you do all that to yourself?
    (Forgive me if not translation to the perfection, I am from Spain and it A greeting not to be spoken very well)! H8

  95. I absolutely aadore Pauly- I stumbled across him on the Myspaxx and was just blown away by what a unique, friendly and adorable individual he is; I love people dedicated to their cause + nOt letting society’s view of “norm” stop them from beiing happy- and in that cOmes true beauty :)

    So WHAT if some of you think its “ugly”? You know sOmething- no one aaactually really gives a flyiiing fuckhola~!

    Oh and #181- let me offer sOme clarity to MY reasoniing behind suspension;

    All my life I feel that pain and fear ov pain is the one thing that hOlds baack all humans- (I’m not ov course referring to cancer patients as yoU are) but once yoU can conquer pain, yoU can do anything~! I am using the hooks in my skin and the levitation ov my body- with my Own body to prOve to mysElf that I no longer have pain to fear- that my body is my own vessel and I have no limitations to what I can do :)

    There will be a million and one reasons for these things- that beiing mine in any case- I hope this shed some liight :)

  96. hola pauly, ojala estes leyendo este mensaje, soy de colombia, y hace poco te conoci por imagenes y empece a buscar cosas sobre ti y pues hay personas muy locas en el mundo, no creas que esto es una critica solo es un mensaje de fuerza hay muchas cosas que te quiero decir, voy a ver si no se me olvidan. mis padres son muy religiosos y cada ves que les muestro algo tuyo dicen que eres un demonio, pero yo no les pongo cuidado aveces piens que haces cosas malas pero cada quien hace lo que quiere en su vida, yo en este momento tengo una expansion de 8 mm y pienso que tu tienes tantas y pienso en el dolor para expandirlas, las agujas pasando la piel, y los implantes, aparte las escarificaciones, y pues eso me parece muy doloroso pero de cierta manera se ve super genial y en unas fotos vi que tienes una forma genial de vestirte, tambien pienso en que la gene te debe ver como un bicho raro, la primera vez que te vi yo pense lo mismo pero poco a poco te fui asimilando de como eres y que cada vez transformas mas tu cuerpo y para mi eres la persona mas extremistas , y repito no lo digo de mala forma.
    pero bueno este es un mensaje de aliento y de fuerza para ti..

    y si leiste este mensaje me gustaria que lo respondieras, tengo redes sociales. son estas
    gmail [email protected]
    facebook sergio pomar (la verda soy unico en el mundo con mi nombre)
    pero asi tengamos idiomas diferentes me gustaria comunicarme contigo y conocer mas de tu vida
    suerte PAULY el imparable !! adios

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