"Healed good, it stays"

It really is a healable piercing, surprisingly. This healed example is on nellyzofe.

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19 thoughts on “"Healed good, it stays"

  1. Во блÑ? жоÑ?тки чел!!!!!!
    наверное теперь брить неудобно!!!!!=)

  2. I wonder what the people working in the shop were thinking when someone walked in and asked “Can you pierce my armpit?” Very interesting though and healed beautifully.

  3. In defense of #1 he said “I bet that was s bitch to heal.” Past tense. And it might have been. Also from visiting his page he is an avid self piercer.

  4. perhaps the salt found in sweat helped the healing process, considering it’s similar to a sea salt soak?

    i doubt it, but it’s a theory.

  5. I guess the skin there is really flexible/stretchy, it doesn’t look that good I dont’ think, but thinking about it now it might be nifty..

  6. i wonder if they used a natural deodorant crystal on it?

    its just water + salt so i guess itd help with healing?

    i think itd look better with a barbell.

  7. #5 I wasn’t really insulting him, I more thought it was hilarious that there was so much talk about it being incredibly healable and then the content of the first comment. As well as the title for the picture.

  8. I have an armpit piercing, which was created unintentionally. It started as an ingrown hair, and healed into a fistula very neatly. Not sure if this is the case here, though.

  9. InKubus, it’s been done plenty of times. do a search on BME for “guiche.”

    and the actual term for that area is perineum. ;)

  10. it hurts enough to cut your armpit while your shaving it, i have NO idea how it would hurt to get your armpit pierced!

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