What, you’ve got a better source of inspiration?

Maxwell Brand (seen here a couple times before) writes of his tattoo based on a ModBlog feature from June 5th, 2006 (a difficult choice due to the blown out lighting and unusual proportions),

“My friend Sean Herman of All or Nothing Tattoo was going to tattoo me, but I hadn’t come up with something to get. I flipped through pages of ModBlog pics until I found this gorgeous girl. Then, Sean tattooed her on me. So, it should probably be a ModBlog feature itself…. haha.”

Maxwell, I agree entirely that I need to post this. I love meta-references and meta-jokes, so this is definitely getting modblogged! I wonder what BreedTheCancer (the person whose portrait makes up the tattoo) will think when she finds out (assuming she doesn’t know already) about the tattoo — and being featured a second time in this unusual way.

173 thoughts on “What, you’ve got a better source of inspiration?

  1. Mmm I personally wouldn’t want someone I didn’t know having my face tattooed on themselves, but hey. I don’t really think it does her fair justice.

  2. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think the tattoo looks like her at all. Not nearly as pretty as she really is!

  3. Doesn’t really work for me, tattoo doesn’t look much like the original photo and I know I’d feel a bit creeped out if someone I didn’t know got my face tattooed on themselves…

  4. that opens the possibility of a lot of awkward situations. imho.

    but if it makes this person truly happy, than fuckin keep on truckin.

  5. might i add to my comment –

    keep on truckin – but if this causes problems for this girl – like if she is creeped out, scared of the tattooee, ect, than that’s not cool. though im assuming it’s not legally nessesary, i think it would have been cool of the tattooee to ask first.

    but if it’s conscentual….whatevs.

    apologies for any spelling/gramatical errors.

  6. If someone would get my portrait tattoed on him/herself without having my permission, i’d sue the person. Isn’t that violating some kind of privacy law?

  7. I don’t think it violates a law once the photo is in the public domain. It would probly violate a law if someone took a picture of someone without them knowing and then got it inked.

  8. If someone got my picture tattooed on them I’d be really flattered, but I think it would be weird if the person wasn’t either well known enough to be relevant as a symbol of something they created (like when people get an actor’s portrait tattooed, a musician, etc.) and thus have given (in my opinion) implied permission, or personally informed prior to the tattoo if they’re not a public figure of some sort.

  9. i think you still need the permission to use an image you took off of the internet.
    i’m not an expert in this kind of situations.. i just don’t think it’s right 🙂

  10. I think it’s awsome:p…I was amazed by the photo when I saw that for the first time (some posts ago) …so,why not?:p…
    I’d be flattered…or not…depends on the person I guess

  11. I would probably be flattered (and a lot creeped out) if somebody got me tattooed on them. However, in this case, if my tattoo turned out that badly, I’d be insulted.

    Pretty girl, nice photo, bad tattoo. What a waste!

  12. Shes a pretty girl I can see why he had her tattooed. The artist did a good job, but it would be hard to capture the dewy look in her eye with ink.

  13. Does she read modblog regularly? I would be very interested in what she thinks about this.

  14. has anyone told her yet? i’d be flattered if someone got me tattoo’d on them, but only if it was a husband, child, or someone else who was close to my heart. honestly getting a random tattoo’d on you is a bit creepy, and personally i wouldn’t get anyone’s face inked on me.

  15. OK….so i have the tattoo…..and there is nothing creepy about it. I don’t know her, and I’m not interested in her. Sean Herman tattoos a lot of pretty girl faces, and I wanted a real Sean Herman style tattoo. Sean uses pictures of his girlfriend for a lot of tattoos that he does, but I didn’t want that. I searched around for about an hour till I found a pretty face that would make a good tattoo. And the tattoo is not her, her picture was just used for reference. And there is nothing illegal about getting any kind of content tattooed on their body. When you get a tattoo, you pay for the artists ability to do a tattoo, you don’t pay for what the specific content is. I’ve worked in a tattoo shop for ten years, and I wouldn’t expect people that aren’t in the industry to understand……but that’s ok……just hope you guys enjoy pretty stuff, and stay open minded. Oh…..and thanks for putting up her myspace address, maybe I should start stalking her now……I’m kidding…..

  16. Oh…..I just wanted to add…..people have this misconception that tattoos last forever, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll be dead some time in the next 60 years, and my tattoos will be gone forever. People put way to much thought into their tattoos……try just having fun…..I usually get sill, funny stuff…..

  17. that would totally weird me out, considering he doesnt know her and got her face…or something extremely similar to her face, tattooed on himself.

    she’s a gorgeous girl, and the tattoo is trying to look like her but isnt doing justice.

    Id be interested to see what her reaction is to this.

  18. i think its interesting (and i’m not trying to say this in a condescending way) that if someone copies someone’s tattoo design (like say, amina munster’s story) it is pretty much the most heinous sin a tattooist or collector can commit, and when it happens it is usually said that something very personal and identifying has been stolen from that person. (which i would totally agree with)

    yet there doesnt seem to be near as much opposition to getting a tattoo of a random stranger’s face, which is the most identifying feature a person has.

  19. “I flipped through pages of ModBlog pics until I found this gorgeous girl. Then, Sean tattooed her on me.”


    “And the tattoo is not her, her picture was just used for reference.”

    im confused….

  20. I guess with Max, its like all the hundreds of people who have used Elvis or Marilyn Monroe for inspiration. People find it kinda weird cus shes not a celebraty, but maybe now Max has her picture she will reach dizzy heights.

    Nice to see you back Shannon 🙂

  21. Toser…..photographs are photographs, and tattoos are tattoos…..do you get confused a lot….

    And…..if someone got a random tattoo of a bear from National Geographic Magazine, do you think the bear would be creeped out or offended to see his picture tattooed on someone. Yeah….I probably should have just picked some tribal off the wall…..haha

    I’m not up tight, I just have a job where I have to answer dumb questions to ignorant people all day. I don’t mind that at all, that is the life I chose, I just didn’t think I’d have to deal with that here too……I figured you guys would just appreciate art as art……

  22. whoa, she is not a random bear! she is a person who will very likely see this tattoo, if she hasn’t already. this isn’t a girl who consented to having her image stolen and don’t you dare compare her to wildlife. we all knew you had no regard for her feelings when you didn’t even ask if you could use her picture, but jesus christ. wildlife!?

  23. “And the tattoo is not her, her picture was just used for reference.”

    Wow, looks a lot like her. Even all the details.

  24. Gosh, leave this guy alone…. His tat is just fine and as he said, it’s not like he’s gonna stalk her or anything….

    Whether or not you would be creeped out or flattered if you discovered your face tattooed on some stranger’s body is irrelevant: Once you consent to having your picture published, you forfeit the rights to any non-commercial uses of your image. Think of it this way: If this girl modelled for a glossy mag instead of a web publication, even though she is not otherwise famous, wouldn’t anybody be allowed to get her photo tattooed on their body?

  25. its OK, i saw two things that one person said that were conflicting and got confused. my apologies. i wouldn’t mind if someone could take the time to clarify it for me…. please?



    ….i should take a picture of the extreme confusion that my face is experiencing……

  26. and i think the feelings of the girl involved are very relevant. she may not have legal rights to do anything (if she chose) but her feelings are still relevant.

  27. LISTEN.

    to answer all questions I talked to the lovley young lady about the piece and she said she was flattered, and laughed when she saw it. From what I got she wasn’t a but disopointed, or a bit pissed off. This is MODBLOG. I mean Jesus, I’ve seen men on here with stake knives threw their cock & it didn’t see this much of a reaction. You kids blow shit up way to much, it’s art. It’s no different then getting Jesus tattooed on you, the virgin mary, or a fucking koi fish for that matter. He liked the image, he got the tattoo. Isn’t that how it always works?

    I love it man.
    Love it.

  28. thank you Jp and thank you Alice A…..and thank you to all of the other open minded people…..

    Just like every single photo on BME, it’s my body, and I’ll do what I want…..

  29. no its not like getting jesus tattoo’d on you. is she a historical figure? no, she is not. now, she isn’t upset about this, great. the fact still is that this guy took a picture of her without consent and inked it on himself. what if it was someone else who WAS creeped out? would she be wrong to be creeped out that someone tattoo’d her face on them? NO. oh and putting a steak knife through your penis is not the same as this at all. how is doing something that doesn’t require consent at all like getting someone’s face tattoo’d on your body, when all it would have taken in this case was a simple IM asking if he could use her pic?

  30. Above and beyond all of the issues regarding getting a portrait of a non-celebrity total stranger tattooed on you, that’s one of the shittiest portraits I’ve ever seen. The proportions are all wonky, the colours and shading are choppy as hell, and her head looks totally munted in the tattoo. It’s a shame, as the original photo is really lovely!

  31. yeah, i’m in agreement with Zar. personally, i’d be really creeped out if some random got my portrait tattooed on them. if they contacted me beforehand and asked permission, then i would be flattered, but if i opened up Modblog and saw my portrait, i’d feel really violated and uncomfortable.

  32. if you put a photo of yourself on the internet, you’re pretty much surrendering it, for anyone to do anything they want with it.

    i would still find it creepy, however, but seriously, things are stolen off the internet everyday. that’s what it’s all about.

  33. oh and Max, All or Nothing is one hell of a studio, I’m planning on getting some shit done there in Oct. Haha, so screw what they say, you could have got shit tattooed on your forhead and you would still the the man because hell, you where tattooed in Bonds shop, it’s like a church in there, I’m just praying to get a spot there, I don’t care what I get. hah.

    I’m done cmnting nowlater.

  34. Holyshit, nevermind, you work there.
    What the hell. Dude.
    Fuck being lucky, here in Atlanta, you’re a god.


  35. it concerns all of us, logic of crocs. any of us could have been violated this way and it’s scary, to be honest.

  36. I see that a lot of peope are talking about the ethics of getting someone’s face tattooed on you…..I don’t think that’s the greater issues.

    The greater issue is that it looks like crap.

  37. Bad tattoo, and it’s a bite.
    Ripping off images is not okay. Photographers are artists.

    Not down for this at all.
    Unless of course the tattoo applicator had permission from the photographer. Then it’s just a bad tattoo used with permission.

    Pretty girl though.

  38. if it were ME choosing somebody randomly that i thought was beautiful, and wanted their face on my body, i would have to talk to them about it first, and not just because i think it’s fair to let somebody know those kinds of plans, but because if i didn’t like that person, no matter how beautiful they seemed, i would not be happy knowing i had their face tattooed on me…

    on her side – if she’s creeped out by it, i can understand, so i really hope she’s flattered, wherever she is.

  39. I think it’s slightly odd, but not creepy. If someone I had no connection with got my face tattooed on them I’d find it pretty funny and interesting. Since he’s worked in a tattoo parlour for 10+ years I’m assuming Max has quite a few other tattoos, and when you’ve got a lot of tattoos I think you’ve got more freedom to be frivolous.

  40. just because he has a lot of tattoos he’s allowed to get a random girl tattoo’d on him? so since i have not been tattoo’d yet due to being underage i have to get meaningful tattoos? when can i start getting frivolous ones???

  41. I know I said I was done commenting but I was thinking, by sending a picture into MODBLOG you are saying that you don’t mind your picture being veiwed by millions in the first place. So Zar if you’re so concerned and that paronoid about getting that mug of your tattooed on someone then don’t put the pics out there to be seen in the first place. This is stupid, this was this mans choice, and again this is MODBLOG. If stuff as simple as this bothers you that fucking much then maybe this isn’t the site for you.

    Oh and by the way, since she is somewhat of a celeb now is it ok for me to get her on me? Because people seem not to have a problem with that. It’s no different, celebs chose to put their face out there, and so did she.

  42. the creepiness aside, how great does it feel to know you were the “pretty face” someone found for their frivolous tattoo?

  43. you all might be tattooed on someone and not even know it….HAHA!….duh! (of course that is, if your picture has ever been published anywhere)

  44. hey you know what bothers me? someone comparing the girl they got tattoo’d on them to wildlife. you’re such an idiot. this is fucking creepy, plain and simple.

  45. Ya know what….in the end it doesn’t matter. I love the idea behind the tattoo, I think its a great conversation starter. I’m jealous I never thought of that. She has a gorgeous face, why not get it tattooed? What if this never appeared on modblog? You all would have gone about your daily lives not even knowing. Don’t tell him it looks bad….he is happy with it, its not your style, and it doesn’t have an effect on your life, you don’t have to see it on a daily basis, so why do you care so much? What if he got her in cartoon form? or abstract, fantasy……what if……it doesn’t matter. I have a portrait of Che Guevara, odds are he would have never agreed to something like that….but it made me happy. Guess what he’ll never know either. Just because she knows…(and said she was flattered)….doesn’t make a difference. I think a lot of people need to take a step back and move on to something that has a direct effect on you. Cause Max your tattoo and idea is awesome. Congrats……I also love the “I’ll do what I want” line…….

  46. Even though it is somewhat weird and looks like shit (but if she’s cool with it, it’s really no one else’s concern), I think this comment bothered me the most out of everything.

    “When you get a tattoo, you pay for the artists ability to do a tattoo, you don’t pay for what the specific content is.”

    Good to know that tattoo artists don’t respect the work of others.

  47. Yo man what ~R~ u talking about just as a referance??? Lol may~B~ slow down a little if u cant come up with some thin a little more original than using the fact that u have worked in the industry for 10 years…There are more second class people in the industry than first class citizen artist out there….hmmmm but hey if u wanted her powwers on u do what u want 2,,,,~O~ and buy the way tattoos are found on primitive men and women that have lasted thousands of years…..lol 🙂

  48. Releasing your photo for public viewing on the net means you open yourself up for anything. Not that it’s right. But it just IS. You’re out there for admirers and pervs, good intentions and bad.

    Personally, I would have tried to contact someone before having their image inked on me…but I would have no real obligation to do so unless the image was copyrighted and could not be reproduced without permission. Since the images become property of BME/Shannon…I’m wondering if there could be an issue there…

    But if the girl is cool with it, good for everybody.

  49. Holy shit. I think everyone needs to calm down a little. It’s just a tattoo, the girl doesn’t mind, so why are you arguing?

  50. you’re right, at 17 i’m not allowed an opinion! you’re so tolerant and intelligent aren’t you max? at least when i get my tattoos i won’t pick a random picture, compare it to a bear, and get it tattoo’d on me. and yeah, i think i have to jump on the ‘its an ugly tattoo anyways’ bandwagon. oh and if its okay for you to get her face tattoo’d on you, is everyone’s original tattoo design automatically flash once posted on the internet?

  51. actually….yes, because it can be taken off of the internet, and tattooed by someone else. That doesn’t mean they will get the same tattoo. If you get a custom tattoo, and you don’t want anyone else to get it, don’t ever even take a picture of it, and don’t allow your artist to take a picture of it. They will put it on their web-site, and chances are, someone else is gonna get it, weather you ever know or not. I’m a photographer for a tattoo magazine, so I get to show the world all of the hottest shit done at tattoo conventions, and that gives everybody else a chance to rip it off. Sorry…..the world goes round…..

  52. I like it, I’m glad she’s flattered, and her opinion counts more than the rest of yours, because its her face, and equally the opinion of the person who got it done.

    Oh, and Max is right, thought I’d add that, and I’m glad he’s made some of the points he has.

    And if its not creepy to get some celeb you like (which i’ve seen several times) than this shouldnt be creepy either. She doesnt mind, why the hell do you?

  53. Couple of points here. Max didn’t compare the girl in his tattoo to a bear. He compared the situation to that of using wildlife without their consent. VERY different situations.
    Taking a photo from the internet and publishing it elsewhere is illegal, it breaches copyright. Creating your own work from it is not, had this been drawn on paper or painted then nobody would question its use. It would have been nice manners though to have contacted the girl involved just to seek her permission, as it is she was happy to have had it done afterwards so she clearly is not harmed by it.

  54. …whoa! What an arguement. =D

    I have that picture saved on my computer because I think that girl is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen a portrait tattoo that is as good as the photograph. I would have recognised her face anyway but I just don’t think the ink captured how amazingly stunning she is! Pity…

    If I were her, I wouldn’t be flattered that someone decided to get my face tattooed without asking me. But I’m glad for Max’s sake that she’s totally cool with it and can see the good side. Just because (judging by some of these comments) it could have turned into a legal battle… maybe… I’m not sure how that works with tattoos.

  55. Well after reading the same arguement over and over I just skipped to the commenting part. Sorry if I’m repeating someone elses point.

    I agree its kind of creepy. But I also get that she did allow her pic on the internet so thus its her bad kind of…

    Well, my take on it is, if it was REALLY a nameless face that you Google Image searched…weird, but tolerateable. I think the reason its so odd in this case is because Modblog/BME/IAM has always struck me as a community of sorts, you know? You wouldn’t take a picture of your neighbor and get it tattooed without talking to them. But if you took a picture of a random person in the city and got it done without asking, it would be less personal, so less weird. You know? Maybe thats just me though.

  56. Point #1: The tattoo is bad. Bad proportions, bad shading, and what the hell is going on with the eye on the left? Issues of execution aside, what makes that photo work is the bright white lighting on her face. Tattoos are [obviously] done on a flesh-colored background. As such, it just looks weird.

    Point #2: From a legal standpoint, the tattooee and artist are in the clear as long as they don’t use this girl’s face for “advertising purposes or the purpose of trade,” which may have already happened when the artist did the tattoo. Either way, there’s no real way to prohibit people from getting anything tattooed on them. If I was homegirl I’d be pissed at the artist for making me look like I’m rolling with a couple extra chromosomes.

  57. It’s more an inspired tattoo than a realistic reproduction! It doesn’t look at all like the original photo (if it wasn’t for the hair and the piercings you wouldn’t even see a ressemblance) so I don’t know why your all upset…

  58. You guys don’t realize that everybody else in the world that sees my tattoo will not see the reference picture next to it, so it doesn’t matter at all if it looks just like the picture. Picking it apart is like saying Picasso was bad with proportions. IT’S ART….IT DOESN’T MATTER. If the artist is happy, and I’m happy, than the story is over. If you guys were looking at the tattoo, and never saw the photo, you might feel different. Plus, I’d love to see some of the awesome tattoos on you guys……haha…….
    And now people are gonna say, “oh my god, you’re comparing this to Picasso….blah blah blah”……save it……

  59. LOL MAX IF U were so tight confident on the tatt,, u woudlnt make no come back remarks cuase the it would stand on it’s own … I understand ur original intnetion but I myself really like this site becuase evry1 is so honest with thier opions + or _ and whatever goes…~_0 P.S. haha ..lol…we arnt going to show u our tattoos because we think that u might photo copy them on ur body ……..+_0

  60. The trouble is this girl is such a beauty it would be very hard indeed to recapture that. Im sure most artists would just tattoo an adaption of her.

    Max seems happy and the girl gave her permission, I cannot really see the problem.

    I would take it as a massive compliment if someone wanted a tattoo of me, so long as I was consulted upfront.

    Personally apart from a couple of Picasso pieces I cannot see the fuss over his work – I went to his museum in October last year.

    Happy weekend everyone, hugz x

  61. i think its an awesome idea haha. seems like theres always someone who has to be negative about shit and doesn’t see the fun of it.

    but well, negative comments are more amusing to read than positive ones.

  62. Im like yeah whatever real powwer can be obtained through actions ….but hey would u think diff if what u considered to be a creep to the heap had u tatted on his wang and spread vaseline on ur face when he watched 2 male dogs mating ….. hmmm …just so happens that she liked it … @[email protected]

  63. 85. theres a huge difference between having your picture beeing used as a reference for a tattoo because they think youre beautiful, compared to having some creepy guy masturbating to gay dogs tattooing your face on theyr wang.

  64. I kind of dig the alterations… she’s a bit cartoonish to begin with, you just enhanced it

  65. Bulllshit u following this dude around and everything that he does in life…R u that nigh eve?It was not a referance it was a copy…And the dude with u tatted on his fuckin wanker may dream about how butifeul u r all day with his d=gs cock in ur mo-th… u dont know … not illegal and i like the tatt myself but kep it real evrything is out there then my scenerio deserves thier respect the same as urs otherwise ur a modblog posser …

  66. where is this tattoo located? it looks like there is stubble underneath of the tattoo i hope its not an armpit or something. wierd

  67. You guys don’t realize that everybody else in the world that sees my tattoo will not see the reference picture next to it, so it doesn’t matter at all if it looks just like the picture.

    No one needs to see the original picture to see that it’s a shitty tattoo.

  68. Bradly,
    What you smokin today hun….and what the hell do you know about masterbating over 2 gay dogs lol 🙂
    tsk tsk

  69. i dont see it as a copy, but that doesnt mean you dont. and i have never said that i didnt respect your opinion, i DISAGREE with it.

    clearly, the tattoo looks doesnt look exactly like the photo so i would say its just the same as the christopher walken old school tattoo that was feautered here a while while back. only that this girl isnt a celebrety.

  70. Lol EMpReSS just spittin sum silly a– rap out there becuase nobody ever makes a comment about my comments and I just want the attention that my mom never gave me growwing up… I remember on how on my 37 th birthday and she hadnt even baked me cake all she did was yell and scream for me to go and clean up my room b4 I did the dishes and why and how crappy her life is because im just like my dad…..:-)(-:

  71. Bradly,
    Well firstly, im happy to give you the attention you so crave.

    Secondly, your comments make me laugh, cus I know your just stirring the hornets nest so to speak.

    Thirdly, Im sorry you had a sad life, but whatever hand of cards we are dealt just got to make the best of it.

    Now I gone to find a tissue, sniff sniff, after such a sad tale of woe. 🙂

  72. Hmm I go to bed and there is 30 some comments, I wake up and there are over 90. I really would have expected the conversation to be over once we all found out that the subject of the tattoo was fine with it. It’s not like its an every day occurance for someone to tattoo a total (non famous) stranger’s face on their body, so i think a lot of the “what if she wasn’t ok with it” and “masturbating to gay dogs” comments are getting a little out there. I’m not saying people shouldn’t be expressing their opinoins or feelings at all, I am just saying that I know that we all can get a little too wrapped up in our own arguments and our own sides that we can get a little out there to prove our points.

  73. Fine they werent gay dogs.. I made that part up..but still it was fun to watch them mate…~_0

  74. Bradly,
    And can we take it you were *masterbating* while watching them lol ….just asking 🙂

  75. I wish just the site of them had it all over b4 i could but hey back to the real reason that we are all here…my mom and how she treats me……:-) EMpReSS besides being my friend would u like to fill the shoes of my mom and ill give u all the Love that I have in this world 4 ever and always..xoxoxoxoxo

  76. Bradly,
    As tempting as your offer is, I fear it must be declinded.

    All that pent up love scares the hell out of me hehe 🙂

  77. I’m not bothered by the situation of the tattoo. I understand her picture was for reference and inspiration, but its still a poor quality tattoo. meh

  78. I can’t believe the shit fit that is being thrown over this I mean give me a break. That said it is just a tad creepy to have a strangers face tattooed on you but some of us are creepy people and it’s only fitting that we do creepy things like this. And the portrait is not that badly done, the only thing that i see that throws it off is the nose and even that is not all that messed up. Stop crying about ethical bullshit how it’s wrong to get a strangers face tattooed on you do any of you know bhudda? no but I’de be willing to bet that some of you have his face on you

  79. Now I know this girl is’nt a historical figure or anything like that but what I’m saying is that some of the other portraits people have done are of COMPLETE STRANGERS and noone throws a shit fit if someone gets a picture of Bhudda or che or whoever the fuck it is on them just appreciate it for what it is, art, even if you think it is shitty art

  80. Now I know this girl is’nt a historical figure or anything like that but what I’m saying is that some of the other portraits people have done are of COMPLETE STRANGERS and noone throws a shit fit if someone gets a picture of Bhudda or che or whoever the fuck it is on them just appreciate it for what it is, art, even if you think it is shitty art

  81. Ehh.. Not a fan. I agree with most other posts.. Weird to want a random person’s face tattooed on you.. It looks more like a man.. I’m sorry. Not good.. Not good.

  82. Lol EMpReSS the last 2 chicks I dated one was a quadrpaligic and I was to much for her and the last one said just being with me overwhemled her(in a good way but still to much 🙂 But hey post a pic and ill tattoo it on some free space of mine and I think that will be my fix for u 🙂

  83. But on the subjec t of this post here what I feel most people dont understand is the powwer of the tattoo if he had just gotten it done and left it at that we wouldnt be talking about it but he came to a place where the chick resides online and now she is cool with it wich works out real nice but I know for a fact that there are some females out there that would be KRAZY pissed and felt as if there privacy had been totally invaded and wouldnt stop at anything to get that tattoo off the of thats dudes body .The best way i can think to describe it is he is like a PEEPING tOM THAT JUST KNOCKED ON A LADIES WINDOW SOME MAY OPEN THE WINDOW AND LET HIM IN THE OTHERS WELL..~_0 and fuck man if he is so stupid as not to c the other point of view and be thankful that it turned out all right then …in my bOOk fuck him and his dumb ass..so long in the industry and yet so fuckin stupid to the powwers of the tattoo…

  84. Ok if soem one snaps a piture of me from far away.. and I have no clue and I never know ..o’well, when Im riding the train and some pulls out there camerra next to me and snaps a picture without out asking Im like whatthe fuck are u doing?or lets say the first case scenario the guys snaps the pic avrything is cool cause i have no clue but then he wlaks up showwing me all his pics I would be once again like what the fuck are u doing but hey Max if its all cool in ur book want to see teh naked pics of ur mom that i have???? ~_0

  85. Bradly,
    Oh hell what ru smokin this time, you crack me up.

    And im not adopting you, pure and simple I cannot cope with a son who whacks off over gay dogs lol.

    But here is a hug you will just have to make do with that.

  86. This remiinds me of the artist who decided not to tattoo names after asking the girl about the name he was tattooing on her nipple. The guy didn’t know she existed.

    Admittedly this isn’t a case of infatuation, but it is still as creepy as fuck.

    Count me as someone who would be really pissed off if someone got my face tattooed on them. Same as if they went and copied one of tattoos – they are a part of me like my face (funnily enough) and taking their image ‘cos it look cool!’ is direspectful to me.

    Mind you I don’t really post pictures of myself anywhere.

  87. the biggest issue is the tattoo looks like a deformed person. the nose is all screwed up, and there is no depth next to her left eye. stylized is always better.

  88. to all the people saying stuff like “Don’t tell him it looks bad….he is happy with it”
    The pic is on modblog and there is a little box at the bottom in which you can write a comment. He’s the tool who got the tattoo and put it on the net, Why can’t people tell him how crap it is.

  89. I hate trolls. I hate people who say things just to get a rise out of other people. You think it’s a shitty tattoo? Fine, say it, it’s your opinion. Think it’s creepy, okay, say it. Wondering if the girl is cool with it? She is. All of these things are valid comments. What you all need to be doing is moving the hell on. It’s not your tattoo. It’s his. He likes it, end of story. You don’t have to look at it when you wake up everyday. In fact, by next week you’ll have forgotten about it. So just get over it. And don’t get upset if people tell you your tattoo sucks. If you like it, it’s all that matters. You don’t have to defend yourself to people on the internet. They don’t matter in your life.

    The only people who find flame wars fun are the people who start them.

  90. I agree with Ananke, I wouln’t be too thrilled if someone asked to have a tattoo of my face on them, I would feel a bit weird, like part of myself was being used….
    I would really hate if is someone used a picture of myself with out even asking! The least this guy could have done would have been to ask the girl if she minded.. I mean, it’s not like he didn’t have any way to find out how to contact her, her IAM is right there on the orignal page.

    I think it’s just plain lazyness on the part of this person, and the fact that if he had asked she might have said no. Can’t say no now, can she *rolls eyes*

  91. Marilyn Monroe portrait tattoo = acceptable because she’s famous?

    This girl portrait tattoo = unacceptable because she’s NOT famous? What the fuck kind of logic is that? ALSO, her picture is floating around on the internet, and now all this scandal, so bam. She’s famous. You guys should all just shut the fuck up.

  92. and i used to think it would be cool to be featured on modblog

    but knowing that there are modified persons out there who would do something like this, and without even asking the subject of the photograph beforehand, i don’t think i’ll be submitting many more photos to BME

  93. Just curious, but it took this post for people to get worried about submitting photos to BME? A little silly IMO…Basically in this digital age we must accept that our identities basically become public digital property. If we always live in fear of “what if” how can we ever live?

    A community like this survives because people support it by sending photos in which are then displayed on the net. It doesn’t take much to realise that once the photos leave you’re email box they can become anything – you relinquish control the moment you press send.

    In theory, our identities could be taken from us just by walking down the street. All it takes is for still to be printed off a security tape by a security guard who takes a fancy and walla – your face/body etc. is being used without your consent. (I used to work in the security industry so know this is a valid hypothetical situation…not that I did it, but met some who might have…)

    For me, I can at least take comfort that even if an image I submit to BME is used without my consent, it will most likely be used in a manner that I would find in some form exciting. After all, we’re all here because we have a similar interest.

    As for the tattoo. Initially I wasn’t going to comment, though since I have written the above…I think the girl is hot in the photo. As for the similarities in the tattoo, I don’t think any tattoo artist is able to capture EXACTLY what makes a person human. For some reason, in every portrait tattoo, there is always something which is missing when compared to the original photograph. Not sure what it is, and it doesn’t seem to be the same every time. I like the tattoo, and if it was mine, I would be happy with its execution, and I really believe that’s the bit that counts.

    (By the way, I haven’t read over this again, so if it’s incoherent, or has grammatical errors, bear with me. It’s late, and I just got home from work and couldn’t be bothered making sure the argument is in some form understandable!)

  94. Yeah number 124 u hit it exactly wrong on the head… thats why this post blew up so fuckin big like it did like as in if u cant even get some consideration and a little respect from fellow Md Bloggers the what the fuck is this world comming to???? and who can u then….If he had just tatted a random chick this wouldnt have happened but knowing wherre she is and how she could be contacted pretty Ezily if he took a little time and effort then it would have all been cool.But Joe fuckin Shuckatelly thinking that since he worked so long in the industry and must know everything and evry1′s feelings…..had just way to much time on his hands that maybe could have been better spent do the fuckin dishes..makes his shops aura look like crap with his lame ass attitude..now back to me on the other hand I am holdong auditions for the space that I have left free on my right hand pinky so plz submit any drawings or pics to [email protected] ~_0

  95. if it were me i’d be flattered, if it didnt look like crap…
    even if she’s okay with it, he probably should have got her consent first.

    and bears? realy? i dont think you can justify this by comparing her to wildlife…!!

    i honestly dont think it would have been published on modblog if it wasnt accompanied by the ‘reference’ image, and if i’d have seen it without the ‘reference’ image i’d still think it looked like crap.

    each to their own i guess. If he’s happy with it, thats fine…

  96. Please, whenever I finally get around to posting pictures of that portion of my face that displays my septum piercing… if you absolutely have to use my likeness without permission, as has been pointed out, I can’t do much to stop you. However, it would be nice, from a purely aesthetic standpoint, if you didn’t carry me into immortality with my SEPTUM JEWELRY CROOKED. Thank you. o_O

  97. that tattoo is horrendous.

    Max, you should have asked her. That’s why this is such a big comented on pain in the ass. B/c it’s damn creepy, and this is a community. I agree with the person that said you wouldn’t get a neighbor’s face tattooed on you.. and yeah.. I won’t be submitting much more, especially when you say my original work becomes flash, and some shmo like you can get my face on their body with out asking.. ;;shudder;;

    I’d rather pay the money for IAM then.

    meh, it’s old news anyway. it’s a sunday, blog catch-up..

  98. this is all turning out pretty hilarious…….why in the world would I care if someone I wanted to get a tattoo of didn’t want me to? Where does their opinion about what I should get on my body come into play? It is much less “stalker” to get a tattoo of a random face than to get a tattoo of a celebrity (but I have one of those two, I’m sure a few of us do). I have other tattoos by other tattoo artists of pretty girls that were taken from a sketchbook bought at a bookstore. Now, the sketches were done from models that posed, and the sketches look exactly like them. Since we chose a picture out of a book to tattoo on me, should I have contacted the model to see if she minded? She isn’t famous, but her picture was published. If you got a tattoo of a random “PERSON” in a national geographic, should you get the permission of that old man in Italy who’s picture you thought would make a good tattoo? He isn’t famous, but his picture was published in a magazine. Sorry you guys are upset when some one gets an original “TATTOO”, and you guys probably all have the same dumb shit. I’m covered with fun stuff that I love. I started with flash like most people, and then I learned that the possibilities are endless. I have tattoos of pink poodles, fish tacos, scientists making muffins, crashing spaceships, Frank Zappa sitting on the toilet, bugs, gold skulls, some pretty girls, and other fun stuff. WHO CARES?! And yes, my profession and my experience do give my comments validity. Check out more awesome stuff at allornothingtattoo.com

  99. 1.) I’m not a fan of portrait tattoos
    2.) That tattoo isn’t very accurate
    3.) gg getting a tattoo of a random person on yourself!

  100. Well that is a little creepy in my books, and the artist needs to brush up on his portraite skillz,


    she is pretty tho :>

  101. Fuck u and ur shop Max u all could suck donkey fuckin cock till it cums in ur fuckin mouths U and ur idea’s blow big fuckin loads of useless sperm…but …hey I gurantee u this………………………………..~_0

  102. O man I am so sorry I went and looked at all the beiutifull art work the ur magnifacent shop does and I take back evrything that I said…I called them and mailed in a check for an appiontment to get some tattoo work done…evry1 here I am so excited and so very lucky and thankfull I will update and post the pics jts as soon as I get the work done!!!! p>s. Max im not really sure what I want to get could u plz suggest somthin for me???Thanks and once again I am so sorry for my ealier attitude and comments 🙂

  103. Bradly,
    Im pleased you apologised, Max looks and seems like a very decent man.

    Plus I totally love his fluffy ears 🙂

  104. haha….yeah……that’s me in the bunny ears. I have a fun job. That might be why I have a positive outlook on most things. I always spend my time representing myself and what I believe. I never waste my time insulting people. That kind of stuff is rude, and shows a lack of respect, and doesn’t belong in a community setting. But, everybody’s differet. So yeah……that’s me in the bunny ears…….myspace.com/maxbrand

  105. oh….and Bradley….as far as ideas…..I think you should get portraits of Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. We’ve been dying to do those…..

  106. Max,
    I love them ears, gotta say if I worked with you be kinda hard to stop laughing tho hehe 🙂
    Kool attitude also.

    Hugz ♥

  107. i think that’s stupid, to choose something to tattoo few minutes before it..and it’s stupid to tattoo someones face who you don’t know. and this tattoo is awful. blah:/

  108. Coomon #139 I use t think like u butafter reading Max’s cumbacks and the fact that he works in such a cOOl shop and has many other cool way thought out tattooos and u must respect the fact that he has been in the industry for over 10 years put all that together and hopefully u will change ur mind and jion the I support Max and his tattoo’s fan club…Go MAx U rule in my bOOk !!!!!!! ~_0

  109. Ok I did some quick rersearch and since I couldnt find anything on iether Corey how about A real cool tattoo of Frank Zappa sitting on the toilet of a crashing space ship with pink bunny ears on eating fish tacos but the kicker will be that all of this will be a tattoo on a scientist making muffins for his pink poddle tatooed somewhere on me??? Hey my mom said that I can have 2 friends come over after school on tuesday Max want to be 1 of them??? ~_0

  110. Wow! I can’t believe how riled up people are getting over this, this is fucking crazy.

    The thought of a person thinking that a photo of yourself is so special/ unusual/ gorgeous enough to grace his skin for life seems an incredibly sweet thing to me.

    Also, I can’t believe how many people are slating the actual tattoo. Given most of the attitudes here I could bet on someone bitching if the tattoo was an exact shade-for-shade copy as well. This guy can’t win!

    I personally really like the style of the tattoo, it seems like it’s chosen to downplay the fake lashes & eye makeup in favour of highlighting the lips in high detail and a richer colour. I’m more drawn to the tattoo’s lips and warm toned cheekbones than that of the model.

    Given that theres been some really bad tattoos that have been posted on here and have been praised for quality, I’m baffled as to why theres so much negativity over this!?

    Jus my two pennies on a really out of hand thread 🙂 x

  111. I think my next tattoo will be the face of the guy who got the misfits skull tattooed on his face.
    It will be a masterpiece.

  112. wow. Even if you never see the picture this is based off of, it’s obviously pretty bad. The tattoo’s got a different face shape, looks about forty years old, fake tanned, and just… awful. If you’re going to get a pretty girl tattoo’d, make the tattoo pretty. What’s the point otherwise?

    Oh, and even if her septum jewelry is crooked in the picture, fix it in the tattoo. It makes it look sloppy otherwise.

  113. This is a few days old but fuck it, i wanna comment and i’m in several camps.

    1. The tats not my style but hey if he likes it then fine.
    2. Everybody screaming about privacy and violation, GROW THE FUCK UP! She put her image on the internet end of story. This is no more “creepy” then somebody getting celebrity portraits done on them, of which their are hundreds if not thousands on BME.
    3. Bradly dude just wow, ur a fucktoss mate, i know your trolling for attention but enough is enough, go shoot hoops with your 8 yr old friends.

  114. and 128 her septum jewellery is crooked in the original photo open your fuckin eyes!

    Unless you were implying that you would want it straightened in tattoo form, in which case maybe your not a fuckwit. But I don’t hold much faith.

  115. Wow, the girl on the right is super cute…. But what is that on the left? Is it related? Can somebody please explain to me what it’s supposed to be, and why somebody had it tattooed on them? I’d be pissed.

  116. #146 troll deeezzz nutzzz there is reason to my ryhme……..if u dont get it then wake the fuck up or get in the bent fucking shopping cart that this dude pushes around and get the fuck out the way cause people are tired of lame mother fuckers …This site is dedicated to a mostly eterme and powwerful form in upon itself body mod and u lame ass mother fuckers treat it as if it wereea flipint form so in the end u get ur just desserts and bbesides that point u mother fucker just becuse u and the chick and the dude who got it all done says it’s cool dosnt make it fuckin cOOl..it just happened to work out that way …this time..but it could have gone O so fuckin real Life Bad…cause if my bitch wanted me to id go and cut that mother fucker off his body with a butter knif and burn it in tribute to the stars on ice goes on at 10pm 2night Vote for Big Bird’s routine done with Mr SnuffalupaGus ~_0 And Ill fuckin Troll because Trolls have rights 2!!!and today is the that Trolls evrywherer stand up 4themselelves! but back to my mom she didnt ever really give me the love and attatention that I deserve so if u happen to be reading this post this far plz call me at 1-877-835-5871 the firat 3 minutes are free each minute there after is $1.99 thaks for all ur love and suport u have all given me here smoochesXXXX ~_0

  117. don’t worry rex…..some of us are here to talk about body modification, and some of us are just crazy……

  118. Bradly’s actually a pretty amusing troll.

    In the big scheme of things, the tattoo artist, subject, and client are happy (luckily it worked out that way) and that’s all that matters now. It’s done.

    And in the long journey to this conclusion, it has given voice and purpose to Bradly. Bradly, you got my lovins.

  119. Max,

    you’re a loser.
    why don’t you stop commenting then if you’re so high and mighty?
    and it does look like shit.

  120. well that took up a good chunk of my day.

    and in conclusion… fair play to max. i dont see anything wrong with what you got done, you liked a picture, you got it done, fairy snuff.

  121. “Sorry you guys are upset when some one gets an original “TATTOOâ€?, and you guys probably all have the same dumb shit.”

    See, this situation wouldn’t be so bad if you weren’t such a PRICK.

    If you like the tattoo and she’s okay with it, fine… you don’t have to justify it to anyone or be a jerk about it.

  122. i don’t justify….I try to educate……sometimes people just think they know it all….

    and the PRICK thing is soooooooooo old…..another case of an unoriginality….

  123. sometimes people just think they know it all….Max’s Qoute…I thought that it wasnt propper to use a stament in a definition saying the same thing talking about the same subject talking about urself as in >The only thing educatiiing about u and ur tattooss is NOT-2-DO ~_0

  124. Go max, the more I look at it the more i like it, i think the hair looks awesome, yeah left eye is a bit squify but it adds character an I personally prefer the right side of the tattoo o the left.

  125. #150. Actually, that’s exactly what I meant. Sorry to unwittingly give you faith. Oops?

  126. Not bothered by the tattoo, this chick is HOT!

    She makes me do a sex wee…… ina ma pantz

    I lika you, high five 😉

  127. If it were some 18 year old kid that said “I had an appt to get a tat, but had no idea what I wanted, so I looked on the net for an hour til I found something I liked”, I’m pretty sure most people would be giving him a lecture on how you need to research what you want long before you get into the studio.

    I think if Max had done that, he might have been able to find something that the artist was better able to carry out. Cause I am not much impressed by this tattoo. The photo is gorgeous.

    And I’m sure no one’s actually going to read this. I myself only got through the first 100 comments before skipping to the end. But I just had to say something. Couldn’t leave it alone.

  128. “I just have a job where I have to answer dumb questions to ignorant people all day”

    Max, coming from someone who works in an industry that I really respect, this makes me sad.

    “at least when i get my tattoos i won’t pick a random picture, compare it to a bear, and get it tattoo’d on me”

    This just made me piss myself.

    I think the point max is making is that he doesn’t care who the girl is, that’s not why he got the tattoo….she just has a face thats nice to look at, there’s no meaning behind it.

    Having said that….can’t say I think much of the tattoo itself.

  129. so let me get this strait. you find some random girl, you dont even know. and you tattoo her on yourself by probably the worst arist ive ever seen.

  130. i wouldn’t get a tattoo of anyone’s face on myself.
    but no one can get mad at the person that got the tattoo.
    the question is not who’s face it is.
    but who’s body it is on.
    it’s his decision.
    not her’s.

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