Double Lucky

In my opinion, horseshoes should always be tattooed so they look like the letter U (ie. the points should face up) so the luck doesn’t run out. That said, in some cultures, the idea is reversed (so for example, you might hang it upside down over a door so the luck pours onto you). They also ward off bad faeries. So… I’m not sure what exactly the effect on TemptedBliss is going to be, but I’m sure it’ll be good. Hip ink by Steve at Defiance in Kent.

19 thoughts on “Double Lucky

  1. Oh yeah… that picture totally makes me think of the cultural history of horseshoes. Nothing else…

  2. My horseshoe was done intentionally “upside-down” so the luck is running out of it, haha.

    The thing about horseshoes used as iconography that bothers me, however, is when the heel pieces face out instead of in. I see this often because that’s the way they go on the Indianapolis Colts’ logo here in Indiana. What people don’t realize, is that a horse probably couldn’t even walk with the protruding pieces like that… I’ve seen many tattoos done that way also.

  3. I’m surprised no one’s commented on what we can see of her other tattoo – it looks gorgeous and I’d love to see more of it!

    As for the rest of the picture, well… *grins*

  4. I always heard it was upside down so the Devil didn’t sit it in, like Elektromutant said with witches.

    Wicked pic none the less, which ever way your horseshoe points when you look at it…


  5. The tattoo on her side flows really well with her body. I would like to see more of it 🙂

  6. No no no! It’s supposed to catch all the bad luck inside and save it up for you!

    How interesting though, that there are so many variations and reasons. I wouldn’t have one tattooed though, just in case I was wrong either way 😛

  7. I’ve heard several superstitions about having the horseshoe up or down; I prefer pointing up purely because aesthetically I reckon it looks better.

    If really unsure you could have it on its side… wonder what that’d mean?! :p

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