37 thoughts on “Wedding Photo

  1. I love love love her hair, her dress, her flowers, her chest piece and her ears…the little heart in her cartiledge, and those hanging earrings. I would love to see more of them. If anybody asks me how my tattoos will look in a wedding dress, I now have an answer: AMAZING.

  2. I would love to see her ears.
    The jewlery seems amazing.

    & I love this picure, the lighting, the mods, everything just goes perfect.

  3. What a beautiful looking woman, she makes an amazing bride.
    I love her dress and flowers.
    I hope she will be truly happy with her new hubby.
    Hugz x

  4. Gorgeous…I love the heart in her ear cartiledge. Is the lobe jewelry…seahorses? Or am I imagining things?

    On that note, is that an areola slipping?

    But she looks gorgeous and congrats on the wedding~

  5. OneEyeAskew- I think that is just the shadow from the feathers. But I do love that Agent Scully hair color 🙂

  6. *SWOON* Now THAT is a face that could launch a thousand ships.

    Those eyes just melt me…too bad she’s taken. *sadness*

  7. she is just stunning! Her husband is a lucky lucky man. I love the heart, the earrings, the chestpiece…it’s just wow. Congratulations!

  8. How perfectly stunning she looks…everything is just so right. Congratz to her and her hubby.

  9. She looks so beautiful. I love to see brides that are modified. Is that a septum piercing I see?

  10. She’s gorgeous – she looks so happy! I’m crazy about the dress as well – I wonder where it was made?

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