Because ribbon was getting old

…from now on temporary corset piercings will be laced with a snake instead of fabric, ok?

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51 thoughts on “Because ribbon was getting old

  1. That looks like something that would hurt horribly if it goes wrong..
    but in the name of looking cool all over the internet..!

  2. I’ve got a question :
    Is it dangerous ?
    I say this because if you don’t know that snakes are bearer of salmonella poisoning.

    But the pict is great !

  3. Actually, I think its fake ftw (for the win).

    The bend in the snake is almost identical in each picture, the mouth looks fake, and the eyes look super painted on.

  4. Very cool but yeah, fake!

    You could do that with corn snakes though, that would be so great!

  5. Hahahahaha.
    Woo, I am on Modblog.

    This is not a real snake. It’s a cute little rubber thing my best friend bought me.

  6. I’m glad it was just a rubber snake I was just about to go off on one about snake abuse lol.
    Just teasing :)

  7. OK, I’m supposed to know about reptiles – at first glance I thought that was real, wondering “What kind of snake… waiit a minute…”!

  8. OK, I’m supposed to know about reptiles – at first glance I thought that was real, wondering “What kind of snake… waiit a minute…”!
    In my defence, only the head gives it away. The body looks pretty real.

  9. Hey, #6, snakes are not bearers of “salmonella poisoning.” Their digestive tract contains salmonella BACTERIA.
    Also, i’m always so disapointed to read through comments on here. There are so many “it’s ugly” “she’s ugly/fat” “that’s dangerous”. Let these people be. It’s making them happy. I’m pretty sure they realize if something they’re doing is “unsafe”. Let it go. Admire the pics. Do what your mother told you “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

  10. #23 – I could not agree more! Even if it was a real snake, so what? It’s my body to endanger.

    #24 – There was not really much need. The snake is made from rubber :]

    Most people who have seen these pictures thought it was real though, to be fair.

  11. >>“if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at allâ€?

    Absolute rubbish. Criticism is the path to improvement, only by knowing where something has gone wrong can you get it right next time.

  12. I wish it was a real snake too. :[
    I would be too scared to let one slither around my arm, though.

    Let alone in my mouth o_O

  13. It’s just that people who criticise on here ought to do it rather more kindly than the average moron, Giles. Modded people are too used to average morons.

  14. Giles, I think there is a fine line between saying something not nice and criticism. Saying, “That’s stupid, you’re just going to get hurt,” is not nice. Saying, “I hope he or she was careful and if not I hope others learn from this,” is criticism.

    I’m sure you knew that :)

  15. Jenni, don’t be frightened of snakes! (Of course, saying that won’t help if you have a real phobia of them, but I’ll reiterate that most are harmless. Try playing with a corn/other rat snake – you’ll see that they’re unfairly maligned creatures).

  16. Jenni, do you have any other pictures of this? It looks really cool. Your myspace link is broken.

    As for the type of snake you could do this with, corn and garter snakes are small and usually very docile.

  17. I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking corset piercing!

    sorry lame joke i know. also sorry if its already been made i didnt read though all the comments. but yeah cool idea.

  18. Oops, I saw my MySpace link was broken earlier, and forgot to fix it.
    I submitted quite a few photos from this day, so I think they will be on the site whenever next update is?

    I reallllly love snakes, but have never actually held one, and would probably be scared.. but I have always wanted a corn snake :]

    Hahaha, Mr Will.. when me and my friend did this corset.. we made this joke, as we had recently been to see the film :] Infact it was probably the film, and prospective ‘snakes on an arm’ jokes that inspired me!

  19. Haha, any bets as to how long it will take for someone to submit pics of their corsets with real snakes?

  20. Hey Cheshirekat !
    I don’t have all knonledge but for a frenchy guy as like as me warning is a sort of duty… After I’m not the responsible for a problem. I’m not his mom neither his dad…
    salmonella is responsible in France of death…
    That’s all I say…

    But picture are quite good…

  21. How rude of me, I too thought the snake was real at first and was a little disappointed when I found out it wasn’t.

    Someone needs to do this for real, or give us a link to someone who has done it for real already.

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