Acid Cutting!

I’ve posted the occasional genital bisection here before (the big galleries are in BME/extreme), but I think this may be the very first time I’ve seen a full bisection project being attempted with the aid of acid (versus, say, a pair of bandage scissors like J usedmore). So far the project is healing well!

32 thoughts on “Acid Cutting!

  1. never eat and look through modblog at the same time. although i might lose some weight….argh!

  2. i don’t even know what to think or how to react to this. other than OW. and is that black stuff in the picture chareing from his burnt flesh?? dang, thats pretty real.

  3. Intense!
    People forget how easily genitals recover from mods… I wouldn’t have expected that to heal well… if the equipment’s sterile, genitals seem pretty much indestructible…

  4. The first time I ever saw a split penis (not so long ago and on this site!) I was shocked. Now I actually like the looks of them. I’m also curious to know what it’d feel like. But good god the process looks agonizing! Yeeowww!

  5. i have a hard enough time getting the ladies to put it in their mouths with it looking normal… talk about limiting your choices… i’m glad he’s brave enough to push the envelope, but definately not for me…

  6. What type of acid did he use? i guess he must have been very carefull not to spash any on areas he wants to keep!
    is this guy available to correspond with?

  7. personally, i think subincisions like J’s are insanely sexy and i’d love to meet a guy with one. but the results of doing one with acid are not so…attractive. but of course, i doubt “attractivenes” (don’t think thats a word, but ya’ll know what i mean) is the reason this man has decided to undergo this project. just my own opinion. best of luck to him…

  8. As regards comment two, I’m currently enjoying a slice of cake & a cup of tea unaffected.

    It’s the first time I’ve wanted to ask “why?” though, albeit only as regards choosing acid as a method, quite curious.

    Also, I’ve seen comment that subincision and so-on allows access to new nerves to stimulate – would using a cautery-type agent inhibit this effect, killing the nerves off more than an actually incised bisection?

  9. This is the 1st time I’ve really wanted to say *ouch* in a while, and I’m female.
    Would be interesting to see healed photos just to make sure it’s OK *lol*

  10. I have to agree with #7, I’m not putting that in my mouth! But whatever floats your boat.

    Shannon, please some pics of hot men with tats instead of butchered members!

    Thanks! :o)

  11. Oouch!
    i dont know why i feel the need to click on all the blurred photos haha im curious to see how it heals up though.

  12. No. Fucking. Thanks.

    This one is going to be too graphic for me, I’m not unblurring it.

    Last time I went against my gut feeling and clicked on the picture of the penis covered in bugs…I’m STILL fucked up over that one.

  13. i have such horrible penis envy. i don’t think any genital piercing would look good on me, but my god, if i had a penis i would pierce and bifurcate the shit out of it!

  14. The only thing that comes to my mind when watching that is “WHY?”. Although it’s not the first time I ask that question while watching modblog 🙂

  15. I believe, the acid will let shrink the new scar skin. And the two cock halfs will get kurved inside and shorted!!! Longer cock halfs are better for using – think at this!!!

  16. #25, yeah, that’s what i would have thought…like that guy doing alcohol injections a while back to get a pronounced curve…

  17. When I saw the heading I thought you meant someone did a cutting while ON acid. Probably says more about me than the post though…

  18. Dear shanon.I appreciate your effort to easy people and their thought.I am into spliting cock as you know.I feel alone with my mod.I try to find women by your web not to be elone but it doesnt work.It seems to me like all this is fake.So many post and no answear.Will I be with my spliting head allone with no partner?

  19. hy david! you aren’t allone!
    I had splitted my cock over the good half length until today, nice straight and smooth, with two thick halfcocks. Wonderfull for all old and knewen cock-using-kinds and even much new kinds! Cut along and try it! The cutting acts were always hot and exciting for me, much small cutting stepps, not all in one time!

  20. I am working on a bisection to but I am using a hot iron to burn my way through my cock. your pictures are a great turn on I love what you are doing yum

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