Suicidal Tendencies

Can you spot yourself?

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1 – Zak at the Cincinnati Spring Meet.

2 – Mike Dupuis suspending for the second time at the Alliston Bowl in Ontario (Russ Foxx manning the hooks).

3 – Sarah, also at the Cincinnati Spring Meet.

4 – Shannon’s back with a different view of her having a swinging time (shot by Sarah The Sadistic).

And last but not least Angela rocking out at the CSM!

All CSM footage taken by Robin, the images from that meet will be in BME‘s Tuesday update..

16 thoughts on “Suicidal Tendencies

  1. TheWomanMonster – Thank you 🙂

    Pauly – I see you when I close my eyes.

    Just to avoid confusion, I post most of the videos on ModBlog, Shannon does everything else.

  2. Anytime mate. Glad to know Shannon has a competent assistant around here. 🙂

  3. Any chance you might be posting something that isn’t a suspension anytime soon?!??

  4. oooooo I got my few seconds on modblog! hA! just wish the video captured my fun air ballet I was doing. weeeee

  5. AliceinWonderland – I know it’s rather samey but again, we can only post what people send (and I try to make them as varied and entertaining as possible).

    If you’ve got something yourself shoot it over, pretty please!

    Don’t forget though, the suspensions you’re watching are important to the people who sent them.

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