36 thoughts on “Wall Climb

  1. I’d not make it up a foot without falling on my face… But it looks like its abt to scare the sh*t out of him..Dunno how I figured this… Maybe from where his hands are? 🙂

  2. Those are some kick ass pants, and I’m wondering how getting back down worked out!?

  3. Ahh… kind of reminds me of me… but older. I still do that to entertain people, and apparently it works just as well on the internet for amazement. Yeah, not to hard to get down, as long as your back isn’t sticking to the wall, just invert yourself so you are ass down and just slide or drop (that is why I normally wear a shirt, but this picture suits itself). Thanks for adding the pic, gave me a little comical relief. I needed that.

  4. yay, my boyfriend has those pants. well, they’re similar pants that i sewed for him… either way. i love ninjas.

  5. when I first saw that tattoo…I first thought Red Hot Chili Peppers! I love ninjas! 🙂

  6. I was doing that once and the back part of my hip-bone went through the wall. I had a hard time explaining that one. Also, that ninja warrior clip is amazing.

  7. Haha! We would do stuff like that in the narrow hallways of the dorms. And then jump down and scare people!

  8. That looks like fun.

    And yay, someone else with the mark of chaos where I have mine! =D

  9. Yeah those pants are damn sexy, and a man that can stitch? hurrah!

    I can do that too you know, but the landlord isn’t a fan of foot prints up the wall. *winks*

  10. Holy shit, I’m gone for three days and I make it on modblog. To be honest, I was simply mimicing a stunt my friend Jordan did when he was high on mushrooms. It was even more surreal because he’s shorter then me and was able to “sit” up there with his back flush on the wall and his legs almost completely straight. He was up there for liuek 15 minutes laughing the entire time.As far as how I did it. I pushed my legs and back against the wall, took myself up higher with each step and when I got a good ways up there a pivited on the small of my back. And to get down I just relaxed my legs and hopped down onto my feet.

  11. wow, everyone loves the pants. i should make a pair for the whole world.

  12. you guys are all suckers, we actually just tipped the house on it’s side and he is sitting normally

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