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Ego Kornus, who runs Kavadi Blog, just did this amazing interview with Carl Vadivella Belle about his many experiences carrying Kavadi. Click through for the interview.

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31 thoughts on “Kavadi Interview

  1. I think that was a beautiful interview… what an experience to go through, I feel so much respect for this man and what he does… ah wow Shannon thank you for posting that!

  2. I’ve been interested for years in this and would love to take the journey one day. would love to read more interviews like this in the future

  3. Wow – what a thought-provoking and inspirational piece. His inner light and beauty shines through in every word. More interviews in this vein, please!

  4. great interview…. this is the first article in a long time I have really enjoyed.

  5. Good to see some articulate recognition for the traditional forms of body modification that we are now copying and engaging in.

    Thanks guys for an informative interview.

  6. I’m currently taking a major eastern religions class at college and have finished up the discussion on Hinduism just today, so to read this article is a particular joy for me. I think the first step to really something as complex as religion is to learn the basics, but it isn’t enough. Personal experiences and an insight to real, human emotions are what bring people close to true understanding without experiencing it themselves.

    This was wonderful and so well done. Thank you for sharing. :)

  7. Fantastic piece of work and one of the main reasons to stick with Modblog & BME.

    Am personally sick of seeing westerners bastardise traditional tribal religious ceremonies and trivialise them with gimmickry so it is refreshing to see someone follow the true path where the context of such rituals is only part of the journey.

  8. It is common knowledge that you cant become a hindu you are either born one or you are not one certain religions will not accept outsiders no matter how dedicated they are

  9. Thank you for this profound and sensitive interview. I am both moved and challenged.

  10. I really loved this interview. It made me re-evaluate my beliefs as a Hindu, as well as my relationship with Lord Murugan. I feel that I’ve gotten so bombarded with Western New Age philosophy that I’ve forgotten to honor the Gods as REAL beings. I think that the New Age movement has led me to see myself as God, but in an “anava marga” sense (as Subramuniyaswami so puts it). This gentleman’s telling of his experience has spurred the bhakti in me again. I fast and observe bramachari for ThaiPusam, but now I’ll start to take my sadhana more seriously than ever before. Thank you ji! And to all my Sikh brothers and sisters, Happy Vaisakhi :)

  11. Karls experience is mindbogling. I have myself visited the Batucaves and felt the special energy within emnating from the chants of Lord muruga. Karl should undertake the piligrimage to Nadi subramanya temple in Fiji, Pazhani murugan temple, in Tamilnadu state in India, Kathigramam in Sri Lanka, Murugan temple of London. and to the saivaite church in Kuai, Hawai (www.himalayanacademy.com) to further enhance his experience.
    om muruga
    kandanukku haro hara
    arni narendran mumbai india

  12. We all “have our spears to bear” so to speak and ultimately you ” make the ascent into heaven”…respectfully.

  13. Great interview. As a Malaysian, our Aussie friend has become a fixture in the local papers during Thaipusam. Very sad to hear that the Aussie press has decided to “sensationalise” this devout Hindu’s experiences with “irresponsible” reporting. To those of you have read this article & are curious, I urge you to try come visit Malaysia during Thaipusam to experience the magic of God first hand. God bless, Vel, Vel Muruga!!!

  14. And one more thing on a lighter note … some devotees seem to think Lord Muruga is a dedicated sports fan! During festivities at Batu Caves & Penang, kavadis bearing the logos/emblems of the devotee’s favourite sports team have been spotted.

  15. Just Wonderfully Divine Experience
    I only hope Indian (Hindus) who are converting to other religion’s could read this article,Carl Vadivella is an inspiration to be an Hindu.

  16. Hi, what a great interview, I have allot of respect for this guy and how fortunate he has been touched by the Divine. As a Body piercer of a very short time (Just finished appreticeship) and a practicing Buddhist, I see my piercing as a sacred act….tho most clients may not….the primeival reasons or urge to be pierced are still deep within human beings and that in itself is a spiritual act.

  17. It is a special treat to read of taking Kavadi in its traditional context. I gained a deeper understanding of it, and a deeper perspective of my own path. It has inspired me to pursue my own sadhana more faithfully.

    Jai Muruga!

  18. Thank you for this interview! I was able to go to the Thaipusam festival this year in Kuala Lumpur at Batu Caves and remember seeing Carl several times during the festival. It was an amazing experience for me just being able to witness and feel the spirituality energy of everyone there. I am a photography student and have been working on a project about body modification. I went to this festival to be able to have a deeper understanding of where some of these practices came from. While I did take photographs, I tried not to be too intrusive and made every effort to learn about the Thaipusam festival, asking questions and taking part in the walk to Batu Caves on the first night.
    This interview reminded my of how it felt to be in such a spiritual environment and allowed my understanding to grow. It was beautifully written and said…thank you again!

  19. Beautiful interview. It reinforces my fascination and interest in rituals and spiritual journeys through body mods. Thank you.

  20. Shree Vadivela has had a spiritual experience and may Lord Murugu, the lord of protection, always give him and the Belle family protection and may the spear(vel) of Muruga which stands for Knowledge must be wide, accurate and to the point, be given to Dr. Belle through his devotion.Om Saravabava Om.

  21. Great interview. This shows being knowledgeable brings u towards god not away.Im impressed to c a skeptic having spiritual realization. It is a beautiful and fulfilling journey.

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