Capoeira Brasil Tattoo

Joao sends in this Capoeira tattoo done by Anderson at Outlaws Tattoo in Petropolis-RJ, Brasil.

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14 thoughts on “Capoeira Brasil Tattoo

  1. Berimbau, to be specific. :P Capoeira is the dance! Berimbau is an instrument played during the dance.

  2. That’s nice that.

    I’m thinking of having a capoeira tattoo done in the future, nice to see that I’m not alone (as I was starting to think I was given you NEVER see them on ANYONE EVER). Was thinking of having a silohuette of two players somewhere, maybe adding the text ‘capoeirista para vida’ to it as well.

    Oh and can I say it’s not a dance; it’s a game if you must catagorise it. Capoeira ‘play’ in the roda, and when you play it’s called ‘e jogo’ which literally means ‘the game’. It looks like a dance but some of the moves are designed to cause real damage; some can even kill (golpes mortais). I shan’t go into it as I’d end up with an essay but there’s really three levels of play to capoeira; the dance, the game and the fight. Dance because you play to music, you move to its rhythm, it dictates the tempo of the game. The game because you are playing with and off your opponent, you are watching for their trickery while trying to catch them out with yours, and you are having fun. And the fight because capoeira is a martial art, it is about suggesting to your opponent you could have headbutted them there, or kicked them here, or tripped them over etc. Get hold of The Little Capoeira Book by Nestor Capoeira for futher reading (can I plug that?).


  3. i dunno, one of my pet peeves is when tattoos have black or dark shading around the main attraction. sometimes it works, but a lot of the time i just prefer the straight design without shading.

  4. Nice! When I saw the picture, I squee’d, because as Povallsky said, you don’t see Capoeira-related tattoos a whole lot. When I’m at home in Chicago I play, but here at school there’s not a whole lot going on Capoeira-wise.

  5. as a capoeiraista i love this, and cant wait till i get my graudado cord so that i can feel worth a capoeira tattoo. :)



  6. Those of you who haven’t seen many capoeira-related tattoos should seek out Mestre Rã. He has a lot of capoeira tattoos.

  7. I know a guy has a tattoo of a berimbau on his right shoulder blade. It looks sooooooooo cool! His name is Dois Vinte.

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