44 thoughts on “Watch out, Levi!

  1. levi’s are better … ! if empty. haha, i guess i owe loyalty in that department tho.
    anyway, this guy is clearly posing! oh snap etc ;]

  2. I always wondered if something like this would look cluttered but it seems like he’s got just the right amount of jewellery in there. I really like that the industrial seems to complete the nice C-like shape started by the tunnels. Very nice.

  3. From pesonal experience the skin tends to die off between the earlets looks awsome just not practical

  4. When I first looked at this I thought of iron knuckles. Definitely an awesome alternative to a large single piercing. I believe we have a maverick here.

  5. I don’t like it, but that’s just my personal opinion ^_^ I’ve considered doing this, but I love the simlicity of just one pair of stretched lobe piercings.
    Interesting though, it looks good on him.

  6. Is it just me, or does it look like there is no skin between the first and second holes? It sort of looks like they’ve both been slotted into one hole… it looks a bit that way with the third.. like all the skin between has died/torn away.

  7. i thought brass knuckles too 😀

    my friend just said “how does he hear”

    i pity her ahahah

    too much for one ear though D;

  8. this is what i been wanting to do but never got to do more than 2 on a customer…i dig it well placed and when u doing the next one….shawn africa

  9. i used to have multiple stretchings in my ears and found that they would get uncomfortable especially between the tunnels -the only way it benefited me was when i decided to cut out the skin between the two holes to stretch up an extra few mm’s

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