Genital Hyaluronic Acid Gel Injections

I’m not sure that Restylane™ (a cosmetic wrinkle filler of hyaluronic acid gel) is really intended for glans augmentation, but I’ll say it’s about a zillion times safer than the alginate glans injections I posted earlier today. Starting top left is the product as it comes, a couple pictures of topical anesthetic being applied, and the injection and its results (photos/DIY-procedure from the always creative spoon_exe).

10 thoughts on “Genital Hyaluronic Acid Gel Injections

  1. A good idea would have been to take a before photo…

    You can’t really see what the difference, if any, is.

  2. i don’t get it. what am i supposed to be seeing?

    the only thing i see are those crazy marble-like implants. …at least i hope those are implants.

  3. I’ve contemplated the implications of this, but frankly the volume of Restylane or any other cosmetic filler needed to make a difference would be so great I doubt it would be worth it. Restylane costs $350-500 for a 1cc syringe here in the states and translates to a huge investment for any significant change in glans girth. This is much better thinking, though, than the post we saw earlier today.

  4. not that i want to inject myself with anything, but where do people buy stuff like Restylane? you don’t need a prescription for that?

    …or do you buy it from a guy in a van in an alley..?

  5. I order it from the manufacturer but I suspect that not everybody has that option…

    It appears that it can be obtained from overseas without a physician’s signature.

  6. I guess this comment might make me odd, but that person has very lovely fingernails!

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