33 thoughts on “Is this explicit? I’m not sure.

  1. aw, Christina piecing!!:)
    & no, it’s not explicit, but it’s still good that you censored it – I didn’t see that coming!..

  2. I know I’ve said it in a ton of posts, but I really think Christina piercings are the prettiest female genital piercing out there in terms of visuals….

  3. i thought i was looking at a desert with some sort of strange silver ball thing…

    but still, great piercing ^_^

  4. Flat, Jenna? Understatment! We’re talking peas on a board! Ok, *A* pea…..

  5. Mmm, it’s very aesthetically pleasing. I should influence my girlfriend to get a christina 🙂

  6. I would have never guessed without the click! That little ball is innocent =)
    Really cute piercing.

  7. Oh my god. AFTER clicking, I thought that was just… a bed… with a ball bearing sitting on it. Shows how dense I am after, er, 2 AM. Really cute though, as the glaze melts off my psyche.

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