"I’m getting better"

This is blatherbants‘s Monty Python and The Holy Grail tattoo, although she admits that pretty much everyone who sees the tattoo doesn’t get the joke at all. It was tattooed by Donnie Kizzee at Metamorphosis in Broad Tipple, Indiana. Anyway, ModBlog “officially” returns on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I felt bad leaving it un-updated for so long.

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50 thoughts on “"I’m getting better"

  1. One of the best movie lines ever! She needs an arrow running through it or something… a grail shaped beacon perhaps?

  2. This is the first Python-inspired piece I’ve seen & I’ve often wondered why the world isn’t awash with them, coming to the conclusion that Python Tragics aren’t too enthusiastic about tattoos…Am I mistaken? Is there an underground of tattooed Pythonists I’m unaware of…questions, questions…

  3. “I’m getting better” “No you’re not, you’ll be stone dead in a moment” “I think I’d like to go for a walk”

    I could continue but I won’t. I have watched that movie so many times I’ve lost count, I’m a huge Monty Python fan.

  4. actually, you like the “typeface” not the “font” =P

    sorry, couldnt help it… im a type-nerd.

  5. Monty Python!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! Lol. I’ve been wanting a Python piece for a while now, but I just can’t decided WHAT I want, lol.

  6. hes dead “no im not” look hes getting better” no hes not lol funny shit i know it goes something like that lolbeen a while

  7. The first time I saw this I couldn’t stop laughing… it’s great, and I’m glad I got the joke :)

  8. It’s Broadripple not tipple…not a huge monty python fan but there is a pale ale named after it Monty Pythons Holy Grale but the g and r are marked off, mmmm beer, yeah I love that shop, super nice people.

  9. haha i love it. although i didn’t get it as well until I read Monty Python. But then I immediately recalled the scene. haha.

  10. Adam-if its a specific size, lets say its 600point, then it IS a font!!

    I’m also a typeface nerd. :P

  11. i have a “freedom” tattoo in the same font, but over my heart. it is in regards to the US govt’s use of the word to spread terror.

    no one gets the joke.

    i ain’t THAT sappy.

  12. I couldn’t help but laugh. My boyfriend and his dad are huge Python nuts so I’ve been sat down to watch all the movies.

    That makes two Python nuts modification fans.

    His dad doesn’t like tattoos.

  13. HIGHFIVE i got a monty python tattoo as well :) i’m soooo glad i’m not alone anymore. chicks with monty python tattoos are automatically 10x hotter.

  14. it’s just that quote could have so many other meanings that Monty Python doesn’t immediately jump to mind (at least not for me). if I was getting a Monty tattoo, it’d be ” ’tis but a flesh wound ” hahaha

  15. Yeah, Indiana most definitely doesn’t have a Broad Tipple lol

    Although we do call it broad nipple a lot.

    But yeah, it’s Ripple.

  16. #5

    I’m tattooing two swallows in my shoulders, and somehow I want one to have reference to africa and the other to europe, and include coconuts in it.

    btw, does someone has the link to the homepage that scientifically asnwered that question? I lost it!

  17. I’m waiting to see someone with a tattoo of the Holy Hand Grenade.

    I thought Monty Python when I read the header of the page “I’m getting better” before even seeing the picture or description. I laughed when I saw that’s what it actually was about.

  18. Does anyone here know the name of this font/typeface/ whatever? I’d love to use it for a lettering.

  19. :D

    Thanks for all the positive comments! I’ve been a huge British humor/Flying Circus fan for about six years, just had to get something Python related on me!

    I’m pretty sure its the Bickham font, can’t recall though. I know I pulled it out of Adobe Illustrator CS (2003) and played with it a bit…

    Just wait until you all see the tattoo my equally Python-obsessed fiancee has in mind!!

  20. someone needs to get a “tis but a flesh wound” skin removal. that would be high-larious.

    YESSSSSS. I think you solved my problem. That is a wonderful idea. I don’t want to steal it, though. But I love it. If you have no problem with me taking it, let me know. Because I really really love that.

  21. wow i love this! And to #40 it’s your mother was a hampster and your father smelled of elderberries sorry couldnt resist.

  22. What a brilliant tattoo, quite unique aswell. I have the roses from the credits of Flying Circus tattooed on my stomach, Jabberwocky on my shoulder and “Love Life” (A Rutles song) tattooed on my ankle. :-)

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