The Amazing Hawaiian Mutant

Note: I’m a dope that’s slept about five hours in the last five days — this isn’t Louie, it’s Kala from Hawaii!

Louie (the Mexican Mutant) Kala had Shawn O’Hare (Fillmore Tattoo and Piercing, Fillmore, California) add a couple of forehead dermal anchors to his already very impressive collection of body modifications (including the world’s largest implanted horns).

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42 thoughts on “The Amazing Hawaiian Mutant

  1. wow am i a hippocrit. i posted last week about how i didn’t like big labret because of facial distortion. now, im crazy about this guys mods. he looks so fucking awesome!!! he looks like he eats children and i love it!

  2. regarding the look…oval labret plugs versus round make a world of difference for me, so maybe that’s why you like this one better?


  4. I’ve met him, he’s truly a sweet gentle soul. I’m gonna have him do my PA (soon, I swear…)

  5. Very cool! Love the horns.

    @wickedgame6: What’s wrong with brown eyes? Do you not expect them to be captivating?

  6. I have a hard time washing my face when I only had a couple of nostril piercings and my eyebrow piercing.. and I found it so irritating to have to be careful when all I wanted to do was scrub my face with a soapy sponge… I can’t even IMAGINE how nuts I would go if I had that many beads and posts to be aware of!

    … that’s not to say that it doesn’t all looks awesome! I was just thinkin outloud..

  7. In my opinion he went much too far, he doesn´t even look like a “normal” human – but maybe thats what he intended… If he´s lucky with it, keep on going, but I wouldn´t do it for myself. Sorry for my bad english, but i`m a foreign. Greetz André

  8. Holy Crap Dude – I’d hate to run into him in a dark alley!
    I’d probably think it was the Devil finally come for me!

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  13. Hope your rich bud, cuz you aint ever getting a job. The crime game is out too. “He looked like…Busted!
    You will however win the douche award year after year.

  14. what happens when he has a cold/booger? how does he get in his nose? does his face hurt? multi-purpose horns;)?? mustache made of metal how clever u never have to shave. what does his mother think? (aahahaha jus picturing what daniel tosh would say in his 20 second thing;) ) props to the dude tho hes got hellla balls to do this.

  15. Wow, he is very visually striking. I really appreciate the symmetry and even placement of his piercings. I think I’ve said this before but, it seems like when someone has a large amount of facial piercings they always look lopsided or all wonky. These look perfect. I still just cannot bring myself to like large gauge nostrils. Just my personal opinion tho.

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