Acrylic Insect Plug

JP Gagnon in Vernon, BC took this photo of a friend with 2″ lobes whose mother made them these great clear plugs with a big insect encased inside them. How many mothers are that supportive?

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52 thoughts on “Acrylic Insect Plug

  1. haha, i could never have worn that. Would have freaked me out everytime i looked in the mirror.

  2. I’m so jealous! I’d love to have a pair of plugs with big bugs in them!

  3. I love bug plugs! Except they seem to start at about 5/8″ and I’m only 1/2″ and don’t plan on going bigger =/

  4. oh my god! ive been wanting plugs with cockroaches in them forever. im so jealous right now.

    and yes, i know the ones pictured arent cockroaches, but thats what i want in mine.

  5. Nonono, it is very supportive to make your son plugs… but it is not supportive to give your son bugs in any form!

    Me likey stretched lobes, but bugs make me twitch.

  6. Since I reached my final size (5/8″) I would like to know how she exactly made the plugs because I would love to have self designed plugs for myself. are there any recipes for diy-plugs out there?

  7. I feel sorry for the bug, personally. I don’t know if they make the plugs this way, but in one shop that I went to that had insects and spiders in plastic some of them were obviously alive when the paperweights and such things were made.

  8. Yeah, it looks like it’s missing a few legs and they leave shells around all the time, so I’m agreeing with hellonnightmare that it’s just the shell.

    That’s a pretty awesome Mum and very nice plug! She should get into the business of it!

  9. Haha my first thought was “damn, I recognize that street corner…”, JP is super rad and Jordan’s mom sure does make killer acryllic plugs. This absolutely made my day.

  10. Cicadas (and their shells) are pretty scary looking. It looks great as a plug!

    I do love the fact though that they’ve gone for the shell and not the actual insect. I love cicadas and hate to think of one dying inside molten plastic/acrylic :)

  11. they are some sweet ass plugs, his mum should consider making and selling them… seriously a great idea

  12. It’s not a cicade.

    I feel sorry for the bugs as well everytime I see somthing like this…

  13. Thats totally awesome! I have Spider Plugs at 1in. Its cool, the questions that you get asked about them. I like the wonderful job his mother did crafting these… the ones I ordered were alittle wobbily around the edges and the flares are HUGE.

  14. to everyone posting about sizes and what not THESE ARE HAND MADE BY HIS MOTHER!!! these are not the cheap crap that was floating around (they were very poorly made)

  15. Thats just the cicada shell – because otherwise it would have wings.

    I love cicadas … and as a kid used to always collect the shells :)

    nice jewelery anyway.

  16. Awesome, who WOULDN’T want insects in your ears!?

    Haha, suprised to see that someone from my hometown made modblog!!!

  17. Yes this is my friend and client jordan, i scalped his ears from 1in to 1 7/8in and once healed he stretched them to 2 inch. His mom lives australia and manufacturers fishing lures so she can make plugs for her son, what a sweet mom.

  18. Hey JP! Didnt realize that was you. I was the guy with the septum that stopped in today! Take er easy!

  19. Wow, that’s awesome.
    His Mum must be quite the lady.

    I’m from Penticton myself.

  20. Hi from Australia!!!!
    I’m Jordan’s Mom and yes I did make the plugs for Jord. I just wanted to make it clear that I do no ever kill bugs or anything else I make plugs out of. Everything I do make the plugs out of had either died natural or its a shell of a bug such as the cicadas. I make Jord plugs because I always see the same old plugs that everyone else has and because he is an individual he should wear something thats individual. Alot of time goes into making these plugs and you’ll never find two pair the same which is pretty cool. Hope everyone back in Canada is good and I miss it heaps, Cheers

  21. Right on! I was standing near Jordan when the pic was taken. I have to say the plugs look cool in the pic, But tottally sic up close. Rock on JP, I’ll see ya Friday, maybe that other freak will show up too (you know who)!


  22. They’re not cicadas, they look like june bugs (i believe thats what they are called)

  23. It is in fact a Cicada. The larval form of the cicadas lives underground, feeding on the roots of trees. the Cicada then comes out of the ground and sheds its exoskeleton, exposing its wings. What is inside the gauge is the shed of the cicada. Come on people.

  24. hey where i can buy so big plug because the biggest witch i have founded was 24 mm and i want to have 28 or 30

  25. Those are very cool. My mom is very supportive of my mods, unless the topic come up of tongue splitting. She does not like that idea at all. But, when I was a younger she’d help me dye my hair all colors of the rainbow. But, she’d always say “Hurry up before your dad gets home and, don’t tell him I helped you do this”. :D She also took me for my 16th birthday for my first tattoo. I love my mommy. <3

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