Inner Lip Skull Tattoo

Staff sends in this sort of amusing shot (well I found it amusing anyway) of a skull inner lip tattoo done by Tony at Whitedragon Tattoo and Piercing Studios in Stockport, UK.

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28 thoughts on “Inner Lip Skull Tattoo

  1. I want to give it a lolcat-esque caption, but I think I will get killed if I do.

    Awesome tattoo, I’m loving inner-lip tattoos at the moment.

  2. The tattoo artist’s expression is beyond hilarious. The entire image is very candid.

  3. I like how he cant hold his own lip down. And how the artist looks like he is going to rape you.

  4. Luke is 17,

    And im pretty sure if you could see the rest of this shot tony aint wearing any pants!

  5. HaHa that ‘s a great photo!
    I’m thinkin’,
    “und zis here is an example of an eeemo”

  6. Family portrait? Looks like a hostage situation to me– made only more amusing by the content of the tattoo.

  7. I agree with it looking like a hostage situation–the look in the kid’s eyes makes him look a little terrified :P

  8. The kid’s eyes say “You don’t want to know what they drew on my ass.”

  9. I agree that the pose and facial expressions are just hilariouse, and I’m wondering why he isn’t wearing pants too. However, speaking of the actual tattoo, I think it’s great. I don’t think it matters if you’re emo/punk/preppy etc. it’s just a cool idea.

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