How in the world did this become a common piercing?

Yet another fused toe piercing. This one is on Jessica (the photo is fairly fresh; less than a day old here), done by Holly at Evan’s Tattoo in Commerce, GA.

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23 thoughts on “How in the world did this become a common piercing?

  1. I actually really like this ^_^ Makes feet look a bit more bareable =p Webbed feet with like 4 piercings would be so cool :) *Imagines*

  2. i never even realised fused toes were that common,never mind pierced fused toes :)

  3. awesome. based on my own genealogy, I just thought webbed toes were a product of in-breeding mountain people. i feel less like a freak.

  4. Cute. But geez… if you’re going to post your shit on the internet, at least make your toes look nice before you take the picture!

  5. I have webbed toes, always thought about this.
    my feet are far to unhygienic though.
    I can easily see how it got popular.

    A comment on a related issue – Us webbies do not know if we swim any faster because of our “mutant X gene”, we have no accurate control to test against. – A possible test may be to un-web one foot and see if you swim in circles although this may have something to do with one forearm being larger than the other.

    but i rant…

  6. i honestly thought that was my foot for a split second. apart from the fact the toes are fused and pierced. HELLO FOOTTWIN. WE HAVE THE SAME NAME TOO. =D

  7. are feet hard to keep clean during the initial healing of the piercing?
    i mean, clearly you could just wear regular shoes but it just seems that no matter what, feet end up getting dirty.
    is there not a higher risk of infection?
    just curious, not judging…

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