The Only Solution..

Is Pain Solution!

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Håvve Fjell (featured in the video) adds this..

“I should mention that Pain Solution has been granted funding from the Norwegian Cultural Council to produce a play combining classic sideshow and self-torture for the theatre scene. My aim is to strengthen the genre I work with in the cultural landscape, bringing it up and out from the underground. Freak show for the people!

Also, I have started a Fakir school in order to educate the next generation, and shape artists I can work with in the future.”

53 thoughts on “The Only Solution..

  1. That’s wonderful that the Cultural Council are giving them funding! It’s really nice to see efforts to promote this culture.

  2. That looks damn intense. But I dont care how much pain you can endure, sparks in the eye from an angle grinder is no fun at all. I nearly went blind because of it.

  3. That is wonderful, seriously. The performance, the funding and the school. Just fantastic.

    I guess that’s one way to get rid of body hair. :)

  4. Hehe, that’s what i thought.

    yeah, he’s got some pretty intense stuff going on there. Made me squirm. btw i’m Norwegian too. hooray!

  5. @ 11 most people have never been on a bed of nails, and the fact that it is nails makes it seems extreme. Not many people understand how a bed of nails works.

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  7. I don’t go for pain myself, but watching someone endure needles and fire has a profound beauty.

  8. @15, how about explaining “how a bed of nails works” instead of telling #11 that they are missing the point.

  9. it was fantastic seeing the pain solution performance when i managed to get to la paz in 2005, and it is WONDERFUL that the arts council is giving some funding to performances like this!! bravo!

  10. A bed of nails is painless.
    With so many nails your body is evenly distributed over them. So instead on all the pressure being on one spot its its all over.
    I’ve Been on a bed a nails and its like laying on a hard floor. SO I completely under stand how a bed of nails work but I guess I’m missing the point.

    Ok any way the video was cool.

  11. Here is how a bed of nails works:

    It’s about distribution of weight. Putting all your weight on one nail will obviously cause the nail to puncture your skin. But the more nails you add to the bed, the less weight that each nail has to support. With enough nails, the weight will be evenly distributed to the point where there will not be enough force on any one nail to puncture the skin or really cause any pain (in essence, the nails will create something similar to a flat surface). It will be uncomfortable, but not really painful. The less nails there are in the bed, and the more spaced out they are, the more extreme the stunt becomes.

    Quick math. We will say our bed of nails has 750 nails in it, spaced out roughly a few centimeters apart (roughly the spacing between holes in your standard peg board). With this setup, a 75 kg person will only be putting 100 grams of force on each nail, hardly a significant amount.

    If you were to stand on the bed of nails or press down with your hand on the nails, the force would be distributed over a much smaller area, greatly increasing the force on each nail, and probably causing injury.

    Sorry that was a semi-long explanation. In reality, anyone can lay on a bed of nails as long as the bed is constructed properly.

    The rest of his show was amazing though. His consecutive fireballs were really impressive and he did a fantastic suspension.

  12. I don’t think that the bed of nails is really meant to have that message of pain. There is something about it that seems mystical and magical, besides it is part of the whole fakir thing, it is one of the traditional “stunts” if you will that they preform.

  13. Amazing, but I was mildly distracted by his resemblance to Billy Corgan.
    Anyone else?

  14. Sooooooooooo much respect for this dude! And i’m really happy to hear they have funding now! thats excellant!

  15. Getting funding is so awsome, we would be doing it wihtout it, but it realy makes things a bit easier.
    Next generation here we come:D

  16. I want a male fire-eater in a loincloth. :)

    See, the Scandinavian countries are amazing. In the USA they wouldn’t get funding, in the UK they’d have to be black, female, underprivileged and preferably missing a few limbs… which would probably make some of that stuff difficult.

  17. So beautiful. So intense. I’d love to do a suspension like that with chains hanging off me.

  18. wow it was an amazing video! i m longing for the day when things like this will be a part of our everyday lives!

  19. >>30

    I knew how a bed of nails works, too, but always imagined (still do!) that getting on and OFF the bed of nails would be tricky. You don’t want a small part of your body taking all your weight for very long!

    The movement here getting on and off of it, seems to be very carefully planned. That part, I’d think, would take practice, particularly to look good doing it at the same time!

  20. I made a bed for a performance once. Didn’t do the math and had too few nails. It hurt like hell at first, but once you settled in it was really nice. Gotta make a new one, cause I left it in the rain and it rusted.

  21. WOW!!! This is my favorite video ever posted on modblog so far. That was amazing….& I’ll admit too that it was a turn on! lol
    I’ve honestly never heard of Pain Solution before this, but now that they’ve recieved funding, I hope they can at some point become an international travelling group! I’d love to see them live. I think they’d do really great!

    btw, I love how at the end Håvve looks like a piece of art….beautiful!!!

  22. Seems weird to me, to take an act that is supposed to be high impact, and perform it at a pace that minimizes that. So slllowww!

    I do however, like seeing any circus sideshow outside of North America.

  23. #32 – Its just one “dude” – Havve

    #48 – Its being played in slo-mo! I can assure you that his show is at the exact right pace to give the ultimate impact. I saw him here in the UK a couple of years back and not only was the show amazing but Havve is a wonderful friendly & generous man.

    Good luck for the future Pain Solution :)

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