63 thoughts on “Elvish Fantasies

  1. She is very beautiful.. and when you click through it looks like she has freckles on her chest.. SUPER HOT!

  2. Totally addictd to lip piercing, pale skin, red make-up, long black hair… AND of course pwetty wittaoh elf ears.

  3. LE: i just noticed the click through.
    That there right nipple haz ye piercing, or iz tat just me imagination runnin ‘a wild these dayz?

  4. I would make plans to thwart any elf meeting, especially one devoted to making mischief.

  5. Shes cute as 🙂

    Ears look really great, I wonder if she had any real problems with healing them?

    And its awesome when there are topless (female) elves lol =]

  6. Dammit. Tolkien would blush to say the least if he saw my thoughts about this elf.. =)

  7. Demonios quiero unas como ese par solo mirenlo es lo mejor que he visto! Pagaria lo que se por tener las mias así!

  8. She’s so pretty, I’m usually not a fan of the pointed ears but they look so good on her!

  9. holy hell, i love pale girls. I’m not sure why. they’re just…. really, really hot. If she were redhead, she’s be the perfect woman.

  10. Yeah it’s hot now but what happens when the whole elf hotness trend dies down?

  11. it will never die neither will the love for pale girls …can we have more pics of this girl?

  12. I’ve got some strage notion come over me to watch all the elf parts in The Lord of The Rings for some reason…Me like elfy 🙂

  13. I’ve been a little indifferent on elf ears. They look alright and all, just not sure they would settle right with my face. One thing I do want though, is a girl like this. I think I need to mail Santa early this year.

  14. Elfvish should whip up a house band and break out some funky ass shit. Hunka Hunka burning love

  15. Why is it that there is always someone that mentions “oh when this trend dies down or when they turn older” blah blah. it’s called body modification its meant to last. duh. 🙂

  16. exelentes las fotos y te queda muy bien ese look 🙂 ke mas decir, no hay muchas palabras para describir cuando las cosas son bellas

  17. this looks stunning, i live in the uk and am very keen to have this done myself although not sure it would help my career as would like to be a midwife.

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